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Case closed on Pip

Casefile PS082610

Location: Church of the Builder,
Babbage Canals, New Babbage

On Sept. 10th, New Babbage year 4, at
9:30 PM, Mr. Yoyo Underby was placed under arrest for the murder of
Mr. Pip Steamer. Arrest was made in the alley behind the Gangplank
Pub, Clockhaven.

Arrestee was transported to the New
Babbage Militia Headquarters for detention until trial or conditions
for release are met

Arrestee was visited by his spouse, who
has arranged for meals to be delivered to detention.

Case Closed, by arrest.

Miss J. Dagger,
Senior Investigator

Investigative Services

Aether Salon, 2nd

#24 Academy Downs

Babbage Palisades,
New Babbage


Personal Case Log:

This has been the busy part of the
case. After I spoke to Gil, he went to the church and talked to one
of the Fathers. This wasn’t wholly unexpected, but it was
assuredly a complication. Of course, they reacted badly to the poor
kid trying to seek some solace or comfort, and now he’s in the

One of the Fathers spoke to Sky, and
gave her what Gil drew for them by way of a ‘confession’. It was
a child’s drawing of a pair of men’s skivvies. Underpants. I
had to chuckle a little at this; because the poor kid was so scared
of Underby he could only draw a picture of the urchin’s nickname
for him. The big fact was Gil took the knife from Tenk’s office,
and Underby paid him to do it.

What I hoped was with Gil on the run,
the word of what he did out amongst the urchins, and the word that
the case was firming up would cause our boy to make a slip, an error
in judgment, something to help close the door…

We opted for a little surveillance on
Underby. Sky seemed excited to take her turn, so I cut her loose to
see what she could see. My new protégé’s skill at close
surveillance and her ability to run rooflines and clamber on crevices
make me curious as to what she did before landing on my doorstep. Of
course, there are times when I bet she wonders the same of me as

We met back up later, and she told me
that someone left him a note of the door of the Bucket. He took a
very direct route to the alleyway behind the Gangplank and there he
met with a young man I was not familiar with. The young man began
speaking to Underby, first by intimating that he had been talking to
Gil and had some knowledge of what Gil had been doing for Underby.
This visibly annoyed Underby, and he asked several pointed questions
to the young man. Underby asked him who knew he was there, and he
said no one, only that his crew would miss him if he didn’t come back
to his ship at the port. The boy told him that Gil told him what he
had done, and Underby pulled him close, produced a knife from his
coat sleeve and moved to cut the boy’s throat. I lept out from my
place of hiding, and put my pistol to his head. Sky was right behind
me, cutlass in hand, and I placed him under arrest. The poor lad he
accosted was so frightened he ran off towards the docks.

We placed him in manacles and took him
to the militia headquarters, since it had the only usable cell
available to us. Of course, news of the arrest spread quickly
through the town, and we were greeted by a steady progression of
citizens who were eager to see Underby in custody.

The final visitor of the evening was of
course Mrs Underby. Phaedra came bearing his hat, which was lost in
the alley during the effecting of the arrest. Apparently someone had
recognized the hat where it had fallen, and had stepped on it with a
high degree of enthusiasm. This angered Mrs Underby, and after a
close examination of the hat it was returned to its owner in the
cell. Mrs Underby made arrangements for the arrestee to be fed, and
after a bit more conversation she left.

I completed a bit of paperwork, and made the shift arrangements to
guard the arrestee.


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  1. DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner September 22, 2010

    I met the bar-mammal Underby, he gave me beer, and was quiet, Obviously he was in awe of my superior saurian intellect!!!

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