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Leon let out a soft groan as he stirred from his haphazard position on an unfamiliar metal floor.  His body was stiff and he had no recollection of the night before at first, but eventually he remembered his ship, the Little Wolf, going down.

He was vaguely aware that someone with a deep voice and unpleasant tone was talking to him.  Leon cracked his left eye open a bit, he no longer felt his eye piece, or any of his gear, just pants and a shirt.  There were four people in a windowless room with him, but only Leon was currently behind bars inside of a bare iron cage.

There was a fox and a wolf that he did not recognize, but he had heard enough from Lilith to recognize Prometheus, who was currently holding her unconscious body protectively.  Leon bit his lip in frustration as he saw her helpless there when he was supposed to protect her.  Just the mention of the bear was enough to make Lilith hyperventilate.

“You have not been taking good care of our Lilith.” Prometheus said calmly, looking down at Leon with disappointment. “She looks like she has been ill for days.”

“She got sick from worrying about you,” Leon retorted.  It might not have been wise, but he didn’t care at this point.  He was pretty sure that Prometheus was about to have him killed.

“She did not need to be.  We have only wanted to help her from the start.”  Prometheus said with a genuine touch of concern in his tone, which Leon found more troubling than comforting.  “If she had not hidden from us we would not have had to escalate to exponentially more desperate measures, but soon everything will soon be as it should be. By tomorrow we will have everyone in our family back together and the master will correct Lilith’s incomplete serum.  For now we have enough to keep her alive and…attentive.”

Leon did not like the way Prometheus had paused when he said that.  “What are you going to do to her ya oversized bilge rat!?”

“I am only going to remind her that her family cares about her very much,”  If Prometheus had heard Leon’s insult he showed no sign of it as he started to make his way out of the door.

Leon growled loudly as sat up and gripped the bars of his cage, “Family…her family has been caring for her… protected her, took her in when she had no one else when she ran from you!”

The bear stopped for a moment, and the fox and the wolf both turned to look at Prometheus.  For a long time the four of them simply waited in silence, and then Prometheus nodded to himself, “We will visit you everyday during Lilith’s re-education.  I want you to see her find her place among us before the master chooses how to dispose of you.”

Not if I break outta here first. Leon vowed to himself as they left him in there alone in the windowless brig.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin September 13, 2015

    Tepic was uneasy, pearched high above and some distance from the place Leon’s airship should have picked up Lilith’s medicine. It was already almost an hour past the rendevous time and there had been no sign of them, not even a hint of engine noise – though in New Babbage, noting one engine over the mirads of mechanical noise was more than a challange.

    He had been ready to give the signal to vear off, the red flare from his Very pistol would have warned Leon it was dangerous, but where was he? In frustration he fired off a flare, just in case, then a second, before moving to another roof to continue his watch….

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