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Canal Street Snitch (2nd Ed)

[img_assist|nid=6850|title=Canal Street Snitch (2nd Ed)|desc=”Why-No Mayor?”|link=popup|align=center|width=660|height=500]

Our 2nd edition focused on the sudden and almost inexplicable period of binge drinking done by our beloved mayor, The Clockwinder.  If our 1st edition earned us any note, it was this editon which propelled the Snitch into a new orbit of familiarity and celebrity among not only Babbagers, but fellow Steamlanders.  (This edition also served as the reason for “The Reporter” becoming the shadowy, anonymous figure that he is.)

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    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 28, 2013

      No, these are old articles, from a few years ago.

  1. Nymlet Nymlet January 28, 2013

    oh… not easy to know.  :)

    I guess i didnt read the caption good enough.


  2. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer January 29, 2013

    I can’t believe these old gossip rags are resurfacing!  Shocking!  Oh, the scandals relived anew!  My heart can’t take this!  

    *cough* Give me five copies of each.  For… archival purposes only, of course.


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