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Calm and peaceful isn’t always fun

As the day ends, Belldandy and I usually sit together and talk about the day’s events.  Today is no different.  Bell-chan brings in the tray with the hot tea and warm sake and Tasha follows with a lighter tray and the cups and other items.  She is now carrying almost two pounds and is working hard at lifting every day.  Belldandy arranges the tea set and sake bottles and Tasha lowers the tray and floats through the wall to the graveyard to feed the pigeons.  All in all, a normal late afternoon for us.

“Iyou is there something wrong?  You have been very quiet the past few days.”

I look up while pouring the sake into my red cup, “No dear, nothing is wrong.  It just has been so peaceful since the episode over at Babbage.”

Belldandy snorts over this, “You mean so boring.  It is hard to follow up from the excitement of the near loss of the city-state of New Babbage I would think.  I thought we were going to have a grand adventure when we left Nihon and the Temple.  Taking care of the senior monks seems more of an adventure now.”

“Adventure you want now?” I giggle in reply “Have you found some for us to have?”

“Perhaps. You know I have been visiting Babbage to work with the spirits.”

I nod at that, “So continue.  It sounds like you are scheming again.”

Belldandy continues with a gleam in her eye, “I know how to get you back in Babbage and the Clockwinder would not dare to interfere with this.”

My eyebrows go up on this one.  “We sneak in under cover of darkness and eliminate him?”

Bell-chan rolls her eyes on this, “No!  We buy our way back in.  There is a building for sale so respected and historical he could not say no.  We use the current owner as an agent and I buy it, with our funds of course.  He doesn’t really know who I am…yet”

“Which building is this?  You have my interest but not my agreement so far.”

Belldandy giggles, “Your first apartment in Babbage is enough of a clue?”

“The Arms is for sale? No!”

“Yes!  You could be home again in Babbage.  We could take over an entire floor.  We could rent the rest.”  Belldandy gives reasons as quickly as sword strikes.

I lower my eye and stare into the sake cup.  Home again.  What was it Father said?  Home is where your heart is happy?  I look up again with a sly smile on my face.

“Do it.  Start the negotiations.  Be discreet.”

Belldandy grins brightly.  She has the go ahead she wanted.  “Hai Sempai!!”

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold February 17, 2012

    Someone has to say it…What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna February 17, 2012

    YAY! Will be great having you back in the city.

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