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The first zombie of the season staggered down wheatstone.

Mr. Jensen shuffled along the canals, moaning,  having not bothered with the free innoculations offered throughout the city, as they were a ‘Clockwinder Conspiracy.” just like the fresh water snuck into the canal water.  suffice to say, Mr. Jensen took ill, and now roamed the streets looking for brains.  The zombie stiffly shuffled, and paused as he heard a bubbling coming from the canal.  The sound went away and the undead corpse wandered on, everyone knows there’s no fresh brains in the canals afterall.  Then his decayed eardrums picked up the gurgling again.  Moving closer to the sound, he peered over with his clouded over eyes, maybe someone with fresh brains fell in.  


A scaly hand shot out of the water, grabbing Mr. Jensen’s ankle and yanking in the walking corpse before he could groan in surprise.  The murky water churnbed for a minute or two, then with a splash, parts of the zombie launched out of the water to wetly smack on the cobbles nearby.  The gurgling bubbles continuing down the canal.


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