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Brontolores, Gorgogliatores, and Battachios… beg pardon Ms. Flood?

We were ensconced in our office, the hum of radio equipment buzzing away around us, and I was looking at some rather interesting documents, including the picture enclosed.

Luigi Russolo and his Intonarumori

“So,” I began carefully, “You want to replace the Bombastophone in the Rookswood Brewery… with these?”

“Yes,” Ms. Flood responded without a moment’s pause, “It’ll give Mr Rayna some prims back. Just get Mr. P. to mesh them up and…”

“Hold,” I raised a hand. “Why mesh?”

“Leaves prims free for the actuators,” she responded. “Each of the Intonarumori has an actuator, like a button, pedal, crank or plunger, and a lever to control pitch. Not including a place to stand and operate the things – although I feel having a giant music box thing to control them might be fun.”

“Fun,” I murmured, imagining the existing machine replaced by a garrison of these frankly dull-looking wooden boxes. “Perhaps we should bronze a newbie for a presiding automaton?”

Alas! O Maku ibn-Selat, you fool, when will you learn to keep your mouth shut?

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  1. Maku Ibn-Selat Maku Ibn-Selat January 5, 2014

    I have received the following missive from Mr Pontecorvo:

    Newbies don’t work. Found something better at the Asylum Museum. Now considering a pair of hand-cranked gramophones, a card reader, and a ‘crate’.

    What have I done?

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk January 6, 2014

    great find! I had no idea interest in noise music was that old.

  3. Maku Ibn-Selat Maku Ibn-Selat January 7, 2014

    There’s a bit more to it than that. Miss Flood hardly ever uses a DJ booth, and it has prefers to dance to her own tune with the audience, as ’twere. Therefore, what use a booth, when an automaton would suffice? (Particularly when a radio station is involved.)

    Also, it is proving quite a challenge to develop down to the desired prim count. Personally I suspect that it will come in two parts…

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