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Brer Fox versus Brer Cougar

Tepic was playing his flute outside the Asylum, carefully checking out if there were any new ways to get in, when Beryl, Miss Book and Snow came out. It turned out the Militia had mistaken Snow for a cougar and Mr Bair for the leader of the Bear Gang the night before during the fire at the Brewery. They had both been tranquillised and taken to the Asylum, the Bear Gang quite rightly being considered off their collective rockers, but it had taken Miss Book’s intervention to get them released!

It was nice to see Snow again, even though he looked a little beaten up, and they chatted for a bit before Miss Book suggested it was time she took him to the hospital to be looked over. It was then that Beryl took the foxboy aside for a quiet word….

The cat was worried about their friend Snow, something about his eye not being the same as it had been. Tepic pointed out that Beryl’s eyes had changed colour when they had been on a journey to find themselves, and Snow had been off with the wolves to find himself, so maybe that was something that normally happened. Privately he wondered how they managed to lose themselves in the first place, but it seemed to be a common problem.

They worked out a plan to trap the cougar, using Lilith’s old clothes, some bits and bobs borrowed from the Waxworks, and the Sneaky Vole. The cat seemed to act with little planning, so if they set up the appearance that Lilith was hiding in the Vole, they could get him to charge in and then smash jars of the distilled catnip all around him. Naturally, Beryl and any others who might be affected would have to be kept away, but it was a straightforward plan, with loads of places to run to safety if it didn’t work. There was even the option of diving in the canal, not even the Bear Gang would follow them there!

Tepic excused himself and set off to gather all the things they would need for the plan, this sort of thing was best done quick!

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