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Boxing Night!

((The second fight, between Borris Stormcrow and Dr. Dayafter, had to be called, as that pesky thing called RL interfered. But I think Junie and I gave everyone their money’s worth.

If you didn’t tip our wonderful hostess, Bianca Namori, or try your luck on the boxing card vendor, I’d suggest doing so soon! *looks at her cards, wondering what the heck she’s going to do with 4 cards of Edward Pearse*

Now…let’s see how much text this can handle…))

[17:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach looks at the card curiously
[17:54] Junie Ginsburg tugs at the ropes and stretches
[17:54] Bookworm Hienrichs swallows nervously, pacing back and forth.
[17:54] Bianca Namori: leans over the banister and smiles.
[17:55] Bookworm Hienrichs looks up at Miss Namori, her eyes narrowing into a glare before she looks away.
[17:56] Junie Ginsburg watches Book from across the ring, curious about her opponent.
[17:57] Bookworm Hienrichs feels Ms. Ginsburg’s eyes on her, but she keeps her gaze down as she stretches, holding the ropes.
[17:58] Bianca Namori: cracks her knuckles a bit and calls over the banister. “Borris, give it ten minutes after, slow walkers and all.”
[17:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach tucks the card into his pocket.
[17:58] Junie Ginsburg exhales sharply hearing that the match will be delayed. She tries to focus.
[17:58] Borris Stormcrow nods to the woman upstairs “Of course, better to give women more time to be ready for boxing”
[17:59] Bianca Namori: grins and nods turning back to look out the window thoughtfully.
[17:59] Stereo Nacht: Thank you, Herr Baron, and good evneing!
[17:59] Satu Moreau: Hello hello!
[17:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Hallo, Fraulein Stereo. Join me here at the rail.
[17:59] Bianca Namori: Evening Miss Nacht. -smiles-
[17:59] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy all!
[17:59] Bianca Namori: waves.
[17:59] Sky Melnik: Evening, Jimmy!
[18:00] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I hear Herr Jimmy.
[18:00] Stereo Nacht: Good evening Miss Namori!
[18:00] Scottie Melnik: Good evening, Jimmy!
[18:00] Junie Ginsburg tugs on the ropes again, stretching.
[18:00] Borris Stormcrow: Good eve to all who are joining for this wonderful boxing match this eve, in 10 minutes we will begin, enjoy each other’s talk until then
[18:00] Bianca Namori: nods to Bookworm and Junie to take their stools.
[18:00] Arnold: *Pippy just keeps taking pictures*
[18:00] Stereo Nacht: Good evening Mr. Branagh!
[18:00] Arnold: Good luck Miss Hienrichs!
[18:01] Bianca Namori: Everyone please get closer to the ring to make room for those who are coming. My thanks.
[18:01] Jimmy Branagh waves
[18:01] Junie Ginsburg makes a move toward the ring hearing the signal from upstairs
[18:01] Bookworm Hienrichs gingerly inserts herself between the ropes and steps into the ring, looking around a little furtively. She sits down on the stool in her corner.
[18:01] Stereo Nacht: Good luck, and fair play, ladies!
[18:01] Junie Ginsburg climbs into the ring solemnly and scuffs the bottom of her shoes on the mat to get a feel for the texture. She rolls her shoulders and tries to loosen up her neck.
[18:01] Stereo Nacht: Mr. And Mrs. Melnik, good evening!
[18:02] Sky Melnik: Evening!
[18:02] Stereo Nacht: Good evening Miss Writer, Miss Anatra!
[18:02] Bookworm Hienrichs sees the growing audience, and groans inwardly.
[18:02] Scottie Melnik: Good evening!
[18:02] Bianca Namori: Evening Melniks, Jimmy, Pippy, and….Hono. -squints-
[18:02] Ceejay Writer: Good evening!
[18:02] Bianca Namori: Hello Ceejay! Hello Gabrielle.
[18:02] Scottie Melnik: Good evening, Bianca.
[18:02] Junie Ginsburg feels her heart pounding in her chest and hadn’t anticipated feeling this nervous.
[18:02] Gabrielle Anatra nods
[18:02] Bianca Namori: Osgoode!!!!
[18:03] Jimmy Branagh walks over and whispers a few pointers to Miss Book.
[18:03] Mr Underby (yoyo.underby): Good evening darling.
[18:03] Bianca Namori: You sneaky @#%&!!!
[18:03] Bookworm Hienrichs looks sharply upward at Mr. Underby, frowning.
[18:03] Satu Moreau: Hello hello!
[18:03] Bookworm Hienrichs turns her attention back to Jimmy.
[18:03] Stereo Nacht: Good evneing Mr. Berada!
[18:03] Junie Ginsburg squints at the urchin whispering to Ms. Book
[18:03] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer growls at her boots.
[18:03] Satu Moreau: Good evening, Ms. Nacht!
[18:03] Bianca Namori: Thank you so much for your help darling. -craddles his arm lovingly and grins down at Book-
[18:04] Bookworm Hienrichs growls, possibly also at Ceejay’s boots, but more probably at some other thought.
[18:04] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach frowns
[18:04] Mr Underby nods, then turns his attention on the women in the ring.
[18:04] Borris Stormcrow takes a large drink of vodka from a flask he pulls from his pocket and tosses it to the small boy on the side of the ring “Spread the fun little one”
[18:04] Bianca Namori: blows a kiss to Ceejay. “I heard your match is a man vs machine sort of thing.”
[18:04] Jimmy Branagh: Oh, thenks much sir!
[18:05] Ceejay Writer winks and nods… nervously.
[18:05] Jimmy Branagh takes a big slog, and tosses the bottle back.
[18:05] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach leans down to whisper briefly to Fraulein Nacht
[18:05] Borris Stormcrow laughs as the boy and then tosses the flask over to Miss Writer
[18:05] Junie Ginsburg closes her eyes and continues to roll her shoulders and twist her neck
[18:05] Ceejay Writer catches it.. very adeptly.
[18:06] Bookworm Hienrichs rubs her face nervously.
[18:06] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Ceejay
[18:06] Stereo Nacht listens intently to her boss, hands reaching out for her tools of trade
[18:06] Ceejay Writer: Hoy Jimmy me boy!
[18:06] Jimmy Branagh: It’s good stuff!
[18:06] Rusty Bones: ‘Llo!
[18:06] Bianca Namori: Hey Rusty!
[18:06] Ceejay Writer agrees.
[18:06] Bianca Namori: You meathead….
[18:07] Junie Ginsburg shakes her arms and hands loosely to get the blood flowing
[18:07] Rusty Bones: Hah! You really think I’d miss this?
[18:07] Borris Stormcrow: Borris only drinks the best vodka, but do not be greedy with it, pass around!
[18:07] Bookworm Hienrichs pointedly takes a drink of water from the mug by her corner.
[18:07] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy everyone ‘oo came in.
[18:07] Bianca Namori: If you end up drunk in my arena, you end up sober in the canals…..
[18:08] Borris Stormcrow: I suggest women in ring prepare, we are to begin in just a moment
[18:08] Bianca Namori: Go ahead and stand ladies.
[18:08] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Guten Abend, Fraulein.
[18:08] Bianca Namori: grins.
[18:08] Ceejay Writer twists her fingers together nervously.
[18:08] Stereo Nacht: Good evening Miss Lynn!
[18:08] Bianca Namori: Oh and feel free to cheer…..
[18:08] Sky Melnik remembers and old phrase and yells it out towards the ladies in the ring, “qui audet adipiscitur – She who dares, wins!”
[18:09] Scottie Melnik: Good luck,m Junie!
[18:09] Junie Ginsburg smiles at Sky and Scotties voices
[18:09] Lynn Mimistrobell: Hello everyone.
[18:09] Jimmy Branagh waves
[18:09] Ceejay Writer smiles over at Lynn.
[18:09] Bookworm Hienrichs looks from the assembled audience to Ms. Ginsburg, feeling butterflies in her stomach.
[18:10] Bianca Namori: waves to Lynn and her friend.
[18:10] Junie Ginsburg tries not to let her tension show
[18:10] Lynn Mimistrobell waves shyly over at Ceejay.
[18:10] Borris Stormcrow: I welcome all who have come out this eve to watch a great match of boxing. Tonight we have two women who will compete against each other. In White shirt is Miss Junie Ginsburg, and in black is Miss Bookworm Hienrichs. Let us have applause for two boxers this evening!
[18:10] Bookworm Hienrichs steps forward as her introduction ends, obviously looking like she really doesn’t want to be here.
[18:10] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
[18:10] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer applauds!
[18:10] Stereo Nacht: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[18:10] Junie Ginsburg purses her lips, glancing at the crowd and then Book. Considering what lay ahead of her, she thinks and rethinks her strategic options.
[18:10] Bianca Namori: wolf whistes.
[18:10] Mr Underby (yoyo.underby)Mr Underby claps politely
[18:11] Sky Melnik applauds and gives Juan a nod as he enters.
[18:11] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods at the Steelhead arrival.
[18:11] Jimmy Branagh: Go faw th’ ribs Miss Book!
[18:11] Borris Stormcrow: Before we being it is to be announced that under stairs is a set of trading cards that can be purchased at random, it is goal to collect entire series, pictures of these cards are on back wall for viewing.
[18:11] Lynn Mimistrobell: Oh!! Helklo Baron!!
[18:11] Lynn Mimistrobell waves.
[18:12] Borris Stormcrow: Now to rules of this eve, ladies please take to chair in corner.
[18:12] Bianca Namori: (It’s a right click pay vendor.)
[18:12] Bianca Namori: (Though Book rigged it to get Edwards card, so who knows how it works now. :P)
[18:12] Bookworm Hienrichs takes a deep breath, and sighs it out, a look of determination coming on her face.
[18:13] Gabrielle Anatra (gabriell.anatra)Gabrielle Anatra snickers
[18:13] Lynn Mimistrobell notices everyone is in darks and whites except her.
[18:13] Junie Ginsburg tries to ignore the voices in the room and focus on Borris.
[18:13] Bianca Namori: looks down at Miss Writer wondering what cards she got.
[18:13] Borris Stormcrow: Let there be no contact to legs, this is boxing not kicking. It is also to be known that there is to be no pulling of hair, that is also not boxing. When ring sounds come from corner and beging to box, and when bell sounds again, please return to corner. Is all rules to be understood?
[18:13] Ceejay Writer shuffles her cards, nibbles her lip, and buys a few more.
[18:13] Stereo Nacht smiles at her friend who hasn’t given up hopes of sun yet! ;-)
[18:14] Bookworm Hienrichs nods.
[18:14] Junie Ginsburg nods curtly to Borris
[18:14] Sky Melnik raises her eyebrows at the rules
[18:14] Borris Stormcrow: Then let Borris leave ring, and luck to both, a good match to each of you.

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 15, 2011

    [18:14] Bianca Namori: *DING DING*
    [18:14] Junie Ginsburg leans forward on the stool. Silently, she finds her spine and thinks, “I’m gonna win this.” She jumps up and gives Book a winking smirk.
    [18:14] Bookworm Hienrichs starts at the sound of the bell, and jumps up a few seconds late.
    [18:14] Junie Ginsburg advances assertively into the ring in a boxing stance an old friend taught her many years ago. Head down, fists up. Head down, fists up, she tells herself. Come an’ get some Ms. Book!
    [18:15] Borris Stormcrow starts off the clapping and cheer for the match
    [18:15] Scottie Melnik claps, “Come on, Junie!”
    [18:15] Bianca Namori: leans over the banister watching the fight intensely.
    [18:15] Mr Underby (yoyo.underby): I’ve been waiting for this all summer
    [18:15] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach clenches his fists as he watches.
    [18:15] Jimmy Branagh: C’mon this ain’t dance noight!
    [18:15] Bookworm Hienrichs dances sideways, trying to keep her feet moving as Mariah showed her. She jabs twice at Junie’s chin, then goes low with a punch aimed to the stomach.
    [18:15] Bianca Namori: You’re bad Osgoode….very bad.
    [18:15] Gabrielle Anatra grins
    [18:15] Junie Ginsburg exhales sharply at Book’s well-placed blow and shakes it off. The encouragement of the crowd buoys her spirit even more as she charges toward her opponent with a good right.
    [18:15] Ceejay Writer: Hmmm, got all but two, and have a couple duplicates to trade.
    [18:15] Rusty Bones grins.
    [18:15] Stereo Nacht watches intently, trying to learn some of that sport from watching the opponents.
    [18:16] Ceejay Writer surprises herself yelling “COME ON BOOK!”
    [18:16] Bookworm Hienrichs ducks her head away just in time, feeling Junie’s fist brush past her ear. She backs away a little, rubbing it once, then dives forward and swings for Junie’s jaw.
    [18:16] Bianca Namori: cringes covering her mouth actually suprised.
    [18:16] Junie Ginsburg leans back to avoid the blow, catching her balance and dancing backward, head high. She grins at Book and feels the adrenaline surging through her veins. She bobs and weaves high and then lands a quick, low hook in Book’s midsection.
    [18:16] Rusty Bones: Come on, little pig, give her a good one!
    [18:17] Bianca Namori: ((Haha Lynn what card are you after?!))
    [18:17] Sky Melnik finds herself gritting her teeth as she watches.
    [18:17] Bookworm Hienrichs: ((*waits for a little more audience interaction. C’mon, folks! *grin**))
    [18:17] Jimmy Branagh starts boxing the air.
    [18:17] Lynn Mimistrobell: ((All of them!!))
    [18:17] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach leans forward intently.
    [18:17] Bianca Namori: ((Well they aren’t ALL in there. Though I may throw a Ceejay card in.))
    [18:17] Jimmy Branagh: C’mon, get in there!
    [18:17] Ceejay Writer: Come on, dogear her page! Bookmark her arse!
    [18:17] Bookworm Hienrichs jumps backward, avoiding the worst of Junie’s punch at her stomach. Still, it’s enough to knock a bit of the wind out of her, and she wheezes a little, even as she feints a right, and attempts an uppercut with her left.
    [18:17] Gabrielle Anatra watches, fascinted, despite herself.
    [18:17] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Keep your guard up!
    [18:18] Arnold: C’mon Miss Book! You can do it!
    [18:18] Scottie Melnik clenches his fists while watching the fighters swing at each other.
    [18:18] Ceejay Writer: ((ohhh, NOT the Ceejay card! *laughs))
    [18:18] Bianca Namori: She looks like a broken puppet on a string…
    [18:18] Lynn Mimistrobell: Why are they fighting?
    [18:18] Borris Stormcrow claps and cheers a bit loudly in general but not to any in particular, just enjoying the match
    [18:18] Zanya: /grins predatorily.
    [18:18] Lynn Mimistrobell: ((of course!!))
    [18:18] Stereo Nacht: Now, Miss Hienrichs! This is not fencing! You have to hit your opponent with you fists! ;-)
    [18:18] Junie Ginsburg takes a good punch on the jaw and retreats a little. Taking a moment to get her footing, she moves in and jabs low with her right, drawing Book’s defense south. Then she swipes at her jaw with a swift left.
    [18:18] Jimmy Branagh: Combinations!
    [18:18] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am not entirely sure, Fraulein Mimistrobell. I have my theories.
    [18:18] Ceejay Writer: SWING Battah. Oh, wrong sport.
    [18:18] Bianca Namori: If you can talk someone to death Book you can smack them!
    [18:18] Lynn Mimistrobell: They are both nice to me, I hope no one gets hurt.
    [18:18] Satu Moreau giggles at Ceejay
    [18:18] Bianca Namori: Show her how redheads rock Junie!
    [18:19] Bookworm Hienrichs ducks under a punch and catches Junie in a clinch–but then releases Junie before she can take advantage of it, and aims a blow to her chin.
    [18:19] Satu Moreau: Come on, Ms. Junie!
    [18:19] Ceejay Writer: Oh, good form!
    [18:19] Bianca Namori: Naaaah Junie!
    [18:19] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ach, she’s going to break her hand that way. She needs to concentrate on body blows.
    [18:19] Juan Ríos passes the melniks pocket pies.
    [18:19] Junie Ginsburg winces in the clinch as Books arms collide with her sore muscles. Seeing Books fist coming out of the clinch she rolls under the throw and it glances off. She bounces backward and plants her feet.
    [18:19] Bianca Namori: *DING DING*
    [18:20] Lynn Mimistrobell: ummm…
    [18:20] Sky Melnik grins widely and takes a pie from Juan, whispering, “Thank ya!”
    [18:20] Bookworm Hienrichs retreats gratefully at the sound of the bell. She take a mugful of water, takes a couple of swallows, and dashes the rest into her face. Then she hurriedly begins gathering up the hair that had come loose during the first round, trying to shove it back up onto her head.
    [18:20] Jimmy Branagh: WHoa good round both. Oy loikes watchin’ th’ ladies foight
    [18:20] Gabrielle Anatra (gabriell.anatra)Gabrielle Anatra grins
    [18:20] Lynn Mimistrobell blushes.
    [18:20] Zanya: Hehe.
    [18:20] Stereo Nacht: Those ladies certainly knows more than proper manners at tea, Mr. Branagh! ;-)
    [18:20] Lynn Mimistrobell notices Zanya’s rapt attention.
    [18:20] Junie Ginsburg bounces back to her corner, feeling elated to be engaged in a good fight, even as she winces with pain. She perches on the stool, drinks lightly, and focuses her attention on Book, watching how she moves.
    [18:21] Bianca Namori: I better see some better action….-she mutters under her breath-
    [18:21] Jimmy Branagh: Yes Miss, they’re downroight woild in there.
    [18:21] Bookworm Hienrichs sits panting, shooting some looks out to the audience, remembering their shouts.
    [18:21] Rusty Bones grins at Book.
    [18:21] Ceejay Writer quietly hopes Book wins now that she’s got THREE of her cards to trade.
    [18:21] Sky Melnik (sky.netizen): Rest up, ladies!
    [18:21] Scottie Melnik slips the pie in his pocket and claps, “Nicely done, Junie! Stick with it!”
    [18:21] Bianca Namori: I dont’ know who to feel sorry for habibi…..
    [18:22] Bookworm Hienrichs: ((*grins at Ceejay*))
    [18:22] Junie Ginsburg hears Scottie’s encouragement and nods to herself
    [18:22] Rusty Bones: Hey, Bookworm. You need ta start punchin walls fer practice, eh?
    [18:22] Sky Melnik grins and munches on her pie
    [18:22] Gabrielle Anatra: It looks like a fine fight so far.
    [18:22] Bookworm Hienrichs glances up at the balcony, where the Baron and Miss Stereo are.
    [18:22] Mr Underby smiles around his cigar
    [18:22] Mr Underby: Oh, it’s fun to root for both, I think.
    [18:22] Bianca Namori: sighs and reaches for the bell….”As you like.”
    [18:22] Bookworm Hienrichs glares at Mr. Bones for a second, then turns her gaze away.

  2. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 15, 2011

    [18:22] Bianca Namori: *DING DING*
    [18:22] Borris Stormcrow cheers and yells “BELL!”
    [18:22] Bookworm Hienrichs finishes repinning her hair, and steps back out as the bell rings.
    [18:22] Junie Ginsburg bounds from her corner, determined to land a good one this round
    [18:23] Ceejay Writer tenses up.
    [18:23] Stereo Nacht: you can do it, Miss Hienrichs! It’s a different sport, but still some principles apply! Wait for your time!
    [18:23] Gabrielle Anatra: Go for the endurance game, wear her out then in for the quick ki .. er knockout.
    [18:23] Jimmy Branagh: They’re both doin’ real good
    [18:23] Ceejay Writer: Should make the menfolk think twice about the ‘weaker’ sex.
    [18:23] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Your men haven’t learned that yet?
    [18:23] Sky Melnik: You’d hope they new better in Babbage anywho.
    [18:23] Junie Ginsburg sizes up Book carefully from behind her fists and sees an opening. She pounds forward with her right.
    [18:23] Sky Melnik (sky.netizen): *knew
    [18:24] Zanya: Hehe, weaker?
    [18:24] Ceejay Writer: Men in Babbage learn everything slowly.
    [18:24] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh you should see Myrtil foight. She’s crayzee.
    [18:24] Juan Ríos: Senorita, you seem anything but weak.
    [18:24] Bianca Namori: ((throws in Ceejay’s cards, Rusty’s Card, and “The Trolly” Card.))
    [18:24] Gabrielle Anatra winces
    [18:24] ZanyaZanya idly fondles her tesla whip.
    [18:24] Ceejay Writer: ((huzzah!))
    [18:24] Rusty Bones: ((The trolley! Hah!))
    [18:24] Bookworm Hienrichs ducks again, but gets a glancing blow to the cheek that throws her off balance a little. She quickly recovers, and aims a blow for Junie’s stomach.
    [18:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Good!
    [18:24] Rusty Bones: ((Ya could get my pop in the ring against one a them))
    [18:24] Jimmy Branagh: C’mon, mix it up in there!
    [18:24] Bianca Namori: Ha!
    [18:24] Bianca Namori: Contact!
    [18:25] Lynn Mimistrobell hrumphs to herself.
    [18:25] Bianca Namori: I want the bruises on Books face to match the color of her shirt.
    [18:25] Gabrielle Anatra: o.O
    [18:25] Bianca Namori: then threatens to kick a bucket of water down on the audience to wake them up….
    [18:25] Junie Ginsburg sees the throw and arches forward, tensing her abdomend to absorb it. She starts throwing small distracting jabs.
    [18:25] Stereo Nacht: A double-strenght is alwasy harder to parry, Miss Hienrichs! :-D
    [18:25] Gabrielle Anatra: Bloodthirsty B, yes?
    [18:25] Bookworm Hienrichs nearly loses her focus at hearing Miss Namori’s comment.
    [18:25] Borris Stormcrow cheers loudly and takes a drink from his flask once more before stretching his left arm out and putting the flask in the chest of the young urchin next to him “This is a good match no?”
    [18:26] Jimmy Branagh: It
    [18:26] Bianca Namori: Blood, not at all…I hate seeing it…Books blood on my mat..I would frame it.
    [18:26] Ceejay Writer forces herself to stop buying cards else she has no money for absinthe.
    [18:26] Jimmy Branagh: s gryte sir! An’ thenks again!
    [18:26] Bianca Namori: ((lol Ceejay….Cog bless ya.))
    [18:26] Jimmy Branagh takes another slog, and passes it to Miss Ceejay.
    [18:26] Lynn Mimistrobell: Hmmm…
    [18:26] Ceejay Writer: ((concept is brilliance))
    [18:27] Gabrielle Anatra pulls out her own flask . .
    [18:27] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach turns slowly and stares at the Sultana.
    [18:27] Lynn Mimistrobell: (Im gonna buy more!!))
    [18:27] Sky Melnik: C’mon Junie!
    [18:27] Bianca Namori: ((Well all the cards are in there.))
    [18:27] Jimmy Branagh: C’monMiss Book!
    [18:27] Bianca Namori: ((Now to get some fresh meat in the ring. COUGH COUGH COUGH)
    [18:27] Satu Moreau: Come on, Junie! You can beat her!
    [18:27] Ceejay Writer leans over and whispers in Jimmy’s ear. “Now, you be sure to learn to read and aim for a respectable career someday! One that doesn’t need bandages!”
    [18:28] Gabrielle Anatra snickers
    [18:28] Scottie MelnikScottie Melnik claps loudly, “C’mon, Junie!”
    [18:28] Bianca Namori: Come on Junie!
    [18:28] Gabrielle Anatra (gabriell.anatra): Good advice that.
    [18:28] Jimmy Branagh: Hit ‘er wit’ a rought Miss Book! Myke ‘er ask for a left!
    [18:28] Bookworm Hienrichs finally attempts a punch, but it’s badly off-course, and lands on Junie’s shoulder.
    [18:28] Jimmy Branagh: Yes Miss. Oy pla ta be a soyentist.
    [18:28] Gabrielle Anatra winces
    [18:28] Ceejay Writer winces.
    [18:28] Borris Stormcrow cheers and yells “Let’s see a knock out!”
    [18:28] Gabrielle Anatra (gabriell.anatra): Ah, aim!, aim!
    [18:28] Jimmy Branagh: (plan)
    [18:28] Ceejay Writer buys Miss Anatra a coke.
    [18:28] Junie Ginsburg sees Book’s lip unguarded when she swings and lands a light uppercut
    [18:28] Arnold: C’mon Miss Book! She’s not Doc O! You don’t have to go easy on her!
    [18:29] Bianca Namori: ………
    [18:29] Stereo Nacht: No need to hurry! just get the point!
    [18:29] Bianca Namori: laughs loudly.
    [18:29] Bookworm Hienrichs cries out a little, her hand automatically going to her lip. She sees a bit of blood on it, and frowns across at Junie.
    [18:29] Ceejay Writer hollers “Come ON! Pow, right in the kisser, Book!”
    [18:29] Sky Melnik: Blood!
    [18:29] Rusty Bones: Get ‘er, Bookworm!
    [18:29] Jimmy Branagh: Patience Miss Book. Wait for it!
    [18:29] Junie Ginsburg’s eyes brighten
    [18:29] Lynn Mimistrobell whispers, “Are they mad at each other?”
    [18:29] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach considers whether blood tests on the Sultana would reveal anything useful.
    [18:29] Scottie Melnik raises his fist in the air, “First blood!”
    [18:29] Rusty Bones: Show the spunk ya did last fall!
    [18:29] Jimmy Branagh: Don;t get angey, get even!
    [18:29] Junie Ginsburg grins and throws a few more jabs, landing a couple small ones
    [18:29] Sky Melnik grins
    [18:30] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Bookworm, knock the breath out of her.
    [18:30] Bianca Namori: thinks the Baron is lucky she doesn’t have that whole mind reading thing going on.
    [18:30] Bookworm Hienrichs dances around, trying to avoid the jabs.
    [18:30] Jimmy Branagh: ((The vodka is affecting Jim’s typing)
    [18:30] Bianca Namori: OR she would try to throw HIM in the ring.
    [18:30] Bianca Namori: *DING DING*
    [18:30] Gabrielle Anatra: Figting does that. Yes.
    [18:30] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach thinks the reverse is also true.
    [18:30] Jimmy Branagh applauds
    [18:30] Ceejay Writer: ((steals Jimmy’s glass, sips demurely))
    [18:30] Jimmy Branagh: Good round ladies!
    [18:30] Bookworm Hienrichs sighs in relief at the bell, and sits down again.
    [18:30] Junie Ginsburg retreats to her corner, feeling exhilirated
    [18:30] Gabrielle Anatra: Little room for thinking on the end of a sword .. or a fist.
    [18:30] Sky Melnik claps
    [18:30] Borris Stormcrow cheers
    [18:30] Stereo Nacht: Well fought! Now relax, and prepares for the next round!
    [18:31] Ceejay Writer applauds but looks worried.
    [18:31] Bookworm Hienrichs dabs at her lip with a towel, assessing the damage. Which, fortunately, isn’t too much.
    [18:31] Scottie Melnik applauds, “Great round! Well done Junie!”
    [18:31] Junie Ginsburg draws measured breaths, trying to cool off a bit
    [18:31] Bianca Namori: sighs a bit. “Well…she can bleed…”
    [18:31] Sky Melnik: Way to get ‘er, Junie!
    [18:32] Bookworm Hienrichs swishes a mouthful of water and spits it out.
    [18:32] Stereo Nacht is happy she chose fencing. Injuries are easier to heal when there is a neat entry point to show them…
    [18:32] Jimmy Branagh tries sending hand signals to Miss Book
    [18:32] Lynn Mimistrobell bites her lip.
    [18:32] Borris Stormcrow coughs a bit loudly “To all here tonight, this is round three, and will be final round, so cheer hardest now.”
    [18:32] Lynn Mimistrobell: Is there a doctor here in case, well.. you know..
    [18:33] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ja.
    [18:33] Bianca Namori: ((Don’t forget, cards are trans, so you can pass on extras to friends that you don’t want/need.))
    [18:33] Lynn Mimistrobell: oh good.
    [18:33] Ceejay Writer whistles so loud and long she feels woozy.

  3. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 15, 2011

    [18:33] Bianca Namori: *DING DING*
    [18:33] Jimmy Branagh hands the flaxk back to Mr. Boris
    [18:33] Satu Moreau: Doctor?
    [18:33] Satu Moreau glances around.
    [18:33] Borris Stormcrow: Let us hear it for final round!
    [18:33] Jimmy Branagh: flask
    [18:33] Stereo Nacht: Go for it ladies! Show us your best!
    [18:33] Bookworm Hienrichs stands up, moving a hair slowly.
    [18:33] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
    [18:33] Junie Ginsburg: Sweating but still energetic, Junie bounces out into the ring, feints quickly with her left and then throws a strong right hook.
    [18:33] Satu Moreau points to Baron Wulfenbach
    [18:34] Scottie Melnik cheers on the fighters.
    [18:34] Bianca Namori: cheers happily.
    [18:34] Jimmy Branagh: Tyke it to ‘er Miss Book!
    [18:34] Bianca Namori: Give her a KO Junie!
    [18:34] Bookworm Hienrichs reels back a step, stunned at the solid hit.
    [18:34] Ceejay Writer: “Book! You ain’t Torgo, stop shuffling!”
    [18:34] Satu Moreau: Good feint, Junie!
    [18:34] Gabrielle Anatra: She’s overconfident, fighting like a mug. You can take her.
    [18:34] Gabrielle Anatra growls . .
    [18:34] Jimmy Branagh: Cover up Miss Book, then foire!
    [18:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach glances down at Herr Moreau.
    [18:34] Stereo Nacht: Indeed, the Baron can take care of any injuries. I am not that good at biology, but I can assist if needed.
    [18:35] Stargirl Macbain: Go for the knees Book!
    [18:35] Bianca Namori: How are you in the ring Miss Nacht? -smiles far to sweetly-
    [18:35] Bookworm Hienrichs shakes her head, trying to clear it. Suddenly, her feet adjust themselves into a different stance, and her fists come up.
    [18:35] Zanya: He should think about visiting New Jessie.
    [18:35] Ceejay Writer: Knees and Book have a synergy.
    [18:35] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
    [18:35] Borris Stormcrow turns to woman with cat ears “Kicking is kicking, is not boxing”
    [18:35] Lynn Mimistrobell: ((Wow eight cards, four sets of dupes))
    [18:35] Bianca Namori: ((then waves down to Star))
    [18:35] Rusty Bones (rustybones.fearsum): Come on, Little Pig! Hit her harder!
    [18:35] Zanya: I could’ve used a good doc afte rthat RPG hit.
    [18:35] Stereo Nacht: I never tried, Miss Namori. I prefer to fight with weapons.
    [18:35] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises his eyebrows at her change in stance
    [18:35] Stargirl Macbain: Pshaw Borris. Boxing is fighting and fighting is war and all’s fair in love and war, yes?
    [18:35] Junie Ginsburg is taken aback by how quickly Book recovers from the blow. Shaken but still weaving, she drops her guard ever so slightly.
    [18:35] Rusty Bones waves to Star.
    [18:35] Ceejay Writer: ((you have trading/socializing potential! Wonderful!))
    [18:36] Sky Melnik grins and winks at Star
    [18:36] Jimmy Branagh: C’mon Miss Book!
    [18:36] Borris Stormcrow: Not in boxing, boxing you use hands!
    [18:36] Lynn Mimistrobell is not much of a fighter.
    [18:36] Bookworm Hienrichs sees Junie’s guard drop a little, and without thought, she shifts again and connects with a solid uppercut!
    [18:36] Stargirl Macbain: Oh? well I’m sure I wouldn’t know.
    [18:36] Zanya: ooooo!
    [18:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Sultana, I do not know what you are up to but I would appreciate less interference with my staff.
    [18:36] Jimmy Branagh: Whoa good shot!
    [18:36] Zanya: Someone’s trying to make a comebck. :)
    [18:36] Borris SStormcrow cheers at the good shot
    [18:36] Ceejay Writer makes clenched fists, not even realizing it.
    [18:36] Gabrielle Anatra watches intently, noticing a change in the winds . .
    [18:36] Arnold: *Pippy hasn’t stopped taking pictures*
    [18:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach applauds
    [18:37] Bianca Namori: hides her face behind her hands and cringes.
    [18:37] Scottie Melnik winces as Junie is hit, “Oof…”
    [18:37] Jimmy Branagh: Don;t let up! Go after ‘er!
    [18:37] Junie Ginsburg is surprised by a sudden pain in her jaw when she realizes that Book has really clocked her! Stunned, she takes a more defensive stance.
    [18:37] Sky Melnik: Shake it off, Junie!
    [18:37] Zanya: Follow up on the hit! You’ve got nothing left to save for in the final round!
    [18:37] Gabrielle Anatra: Aye, there she is!
    [18:37] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Press your advantage, Fraulein Bookworm!
    [18:37] Ceejay Writer yells. “Another one like that, Book!”
    [18:37] Scottie Melnik: Cover up, Junie, Cover up!
    [18:37] Jimmy Branagh: Don’t let ‘er breathe Miss Book!
    [18:37] Bianca Namori: Flatten her Junie!
    [18:38] Bookworm Hienrichs is just as surprised as Junie at her solid hit. But it seems as if something has clicked for her, and she’s moving now with more confidence. As Junie brings up her hands in a defensive move, Bookworm ducks and throws in a left, then a right to the stomach!
    [18:38] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
    [18:38] Bianca Namori: takes Lynn’s wallet.
    [18:38] Jimmy Branagh claps
    [18:38] Stereo Nacht: Triple it! Unblockable!
    [18:38] Ceejay Writer: “My goodness!”
    [18:38] Stargirl Macbain: atta-girl Book.
    [18:38] Sky Melnik: Oof!
    [18:38] Stereo Nacht: Err… Wrong sport, again! ;-)
    [18:38] Rusty Bones: That’s more like it!
    [18:38] Stereo Nacht catches Miss Namori’s hand, and return the wallet back.
    [18:38] Borris SStormcrow claps at the new found actions
    [18:38] Arnold: *Pippy is just taking picture after picture* Go Miss Book!
    [18:38] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: It’s the thought that counts, Fraulein Stereo.
    [18:38] Lynn Mimistrobell: Hey!!
    [18:39] Bianca Namori: It’s for her own good Miss Nacht…she’ll go broke on the—actually please give it back to her. WHAT was I thinking?
    [18:39] Junie Ginsburg’s breath leaves her as she bounds backward away from the sudden onslaught. She looks into Book’s eyes and sees something new. Still filled with determination, Junie growls, “Bring it, Book!”
    [18:39] Bianca Namori: Come on Junie!!!
    [18:39] Bianca Namori: Recover!
    [18:39] Satu Moreau: Move your feet, Junie!
    [18:39] Gabrielle Anatra grins, showing teeth..
    [18:39] Zanya: .:+*°*+:.Ohhhh brilliant!.:+*°*+:.
    [18:39] Ceejay Writer grins at Charise.
    [18:39] Jimmy Branagh: Get in there Miss Book! DOn;t let her recover!
    [18:39] Bookworm Hienrichs: ((Typist suddenly sees the byplay on the balcony, and chortles.))
    [18:39] Stereo Nacht: Indeed! What are you thinking trying to choose for people around you?
    [18:39] Stargirl Macbain: Finish her! *insert themesong here*
    [18:39] Bookworm Hienrichs dances around Junie with some very well-placed footwork, and grins, her confidence soaring. “I have you now, Junie!” she says brightly.
    [18:39] Bianca Namori: ((ADD boxer. :P))
    [18:39] Stereo Nacht gives Miss Namori her soldier’s look
    [18:40] Jimmy Branagh: Don;t get cocky! Focus!
    [18:40] Sky Melnik: Pull through, Junie!
    [18:40] Gabrielle Anatra: Aye, it’s not over til it’s over.
    [18:40] Ceejay Writer: “Quit floating like a butterfly! Sting like a wasp! Wait, that’s not quite it…”
    [18:40] Zanya: Go for a bully style! Press in slowly and cut the ring off!
    [18:40] Bianca Namori: smiles and returns the look with, “I’ll punt you like a garden gnome” look.
    [18:40] Scottie Melnik claps, “Come on, Junie! Take her out!”
    [18:40] Stereo Nacht: Come on! Let’s end this neatly!
    [18:40] Jimmy Branagh: Not much toime left …
    [18:40] Junie Ginsburg knows Book is right. This round was definitely not going the way she’d hoped. Attempting to get in a solid punch, Junie loses her balance and ends up throwing a broad haymaker. Her eyes grow wide as she realizes the error.
    [18:40] Stereo Nacht returns to the game, unfaded
    [18:40] Bianca Namori: NOOOO!! JUNIE!
    [18:41] Gabrielle Anatra grins
    [18:41] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach gets distracted from the fight and glares at the Sultana.
    [18:41] Zanya: ︾︽︾☯OhYes☯︾︽︾
    [18:41] Bianca Namori: screams and leans over the banister.
    [18:41] Bookworm Hienrichs: ((Typst ROFLs as the music feed starts playing ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!’))
    [18:41] Scottie MelnikScottie Melnik winces again, “Uh-oh….”
    [18:41] Junie Ginsburg: ((LOL…awesome))
    [18:41] Jimmy Branagh: ((hehe))
    [18:41] Ceejay Writer looks up at the distinctly non-demure Bianca.
    [18:41] Sky Melnik (sky.netizen): Noooooo…
    [18:41] Bookworm Hienrichs immediately sees her opportunity, leans back, then throws a punch to the face with as much force as she can muster.
    [18:41] Bianca Namori: ((XD))
    [18:41] Zanya: Hehe.
    [18:41] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach raises both eyebrows
    [18:41] Jimmy Branagh: Oooh, thet’s gonna leave a mark
    [18:41] Lynn Mimistrobell: `oh my
    [18:41] Lynn Mimistrobell hides her eyes.
    [18:41] Junie Ginsburg staggers backward from the fury of the impact, her jaw and cheekbone suddenly quite numb. The sound of the crowd grows metallic and dim in her ears and she feels the mat rise up to meet her. She lets out a sigh, blinks slowly, and the room goes black.
    [18:41] ZanyaZanya grins salaciously.
    [18:41] Satu Moreau looks up to Bianca, raising a hairless brow.
    [18:42] Gabrielle Anatra winces internall as she grins . .
    [18:42] Bianca Namori: sucks in her breath.
    [18:42] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
    [18:42] Sky Melnik hisses
    [18:42] Satu Moreau: Damn!
    [18:42] Jimmy Branagh applauds!
    [18:42] Bookworm Hienrichs stands in astonishment as Junie’s eyes roll back, and she crumples to the mat.
    [18:42] Borris Stormcrow cheers “KNOCK OUT!”

  4. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 15, 2011

    [18:42] Zanya: Hehe.. well now.
    [18:42] Rusty Bones: Way to go, Bookworm!
    [18:42] Sky Melnik applauds, looking worries
    [18:42] Ceejay Writer stares at the rink, eyes big as saucers, thinking one would have to be nuts to get in there.
    [18:42] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach mutters, ‘I never knew she had it in her. Sehr gut.’
    [18:42] Arnold: *Pippy takes the pictures excitedly*
    [18:42] Jimmy Branagh: Thet wos a clean shot, eh?
    [18:42] Zanya: ✿Well…
    [18:42] Lynn Mimistrobell hides her eyes./me runs down to the ring.
    [18:42] Stargirl Macbain: Atta girl book
    [18:42] Zanya: ✿That was fun…
    [18:42] Zanya: ✿and a little bit mad…
    [18:42] Arnold (gager): Way to go Miss Book!
    [18:42] Stereo Nacht: Oh my! Is she ok, Miss Hienrichs?
    [18:42] Stereo Nacht: Oh, and well done! :-D
    [18:42] Gabrielle Anatra: Good shot, that.
    [18:42] Ceejay Writer is proud and amazed and shocked. “Yay Book!”
    [18:42] Bianca Namori: Borris keep those people out!
    [18:42] Borris Stormcrow remember to come walk to the ring and begins a 10 count
    [18:42] Scottie Melnik claps for Book, watching Junie carefully.
    [18:42] Lynn Mimistrobell: ((wel she would run but lag makes it a crawl))
    [18:43] Bookworm Hienrichs kneels down by Junie’s prone body, looking her over carefully.
    [18:43] Borris Stormcrow: No one the ring please
    [18:43] Lynn Mimistrobell: She’s hurt!
    [18:43] Jimmy Branagh: Is she allroight sir?
    [18:43] Ceejay Writer hisses at Lynee “You’ll get blood on your feet!”
    [18:43] Borris Stormcrow: This is not over until count is up, *as he beings counting down*
    [18:43] Zanya: Stereo, please forgive me. I forgot to compliment you on how lovely you look this evening. ^^
    [18:43] Lynn Mimistrobell: You just stand there?
    [18:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein, come out.
    [18:43] Stereo Nacht keeps an eye on the Baron for a sign, and her other on Miss Namori for any signs of more mis-thinking…
    [18:43] Bookworm Hienrichs glances back. “She’ll be all right, Lynn.”
    [18:44] Lynn Mimistrobell glares at everyone.
    [18:44] Bianca Namori: rubs her face and murmers. “Borris….count please…and if Junie has a keeper, she may need you when it’s done.”
    [18:44] Stereo Nacht: Ah, erm. Thanks, Miss Zanya, there was the Bashful Peackock dance earlier…
    [18:44] Ceejay Writer thinks Junie should be waking up… any time now……
    [18:44] Zanya: I think I’ve found a new past-time. :)
    [18:44] Borris Stormcrow gets to 1 and waves his hands “knock out! Tonight we have winner, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs!”
    [18:44] Jimmy Branagh: Yay!
    [18:45] Stargirl Macbain: YAY!
    [18:45] Jimmy Branagh: Congrats Miss Book!
    [18:45] Arnold: Congratulations!
    [18:45] Junie Ginsburg: ((graceful, yeah? lol))
    [18:45] Ceejay WriterCeejay Writer exhales in relief.
    [18:45] Sky Melnik walks up to the ring, leaning over the ropes to look at Junie.
    [18:45] Stereo Nacht: Well fought, ladies!
    [18:45] Borris Stormcrow walks over to the woman laying on the ground and picks her up and sets her down on the stool in her corner
    [18:45] Gabrielle Anatra smiles as unie stands..
    [18:45] Ceejay Writer: YAY!
    [18:45] Junie Ginsburg staggers and looks foggy
    [18:45] Jimmy Branagh applauds Junie stading up too
    [18:45] Stereo Nacht: Miss Ginsburg, better get yourself checked up! Head injuries are never good!
    [18:45] Gabrielle Anatra: Good one, a good fight, yes.
    [18:45] Junie Ginsburg: Did I win?
    [18:45] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Good fight, Fraulein Ginsburg.
    [18:46] Scottie Melnik steps in to offer any assistance that might be needed.
    [18:46] Bookworm Hienrichs rushes to her corner, wets a towel, and places it on Junie’s forehead.
    [18:46] Sky Melnik shakes her head, “Afraid not, dear. But it was a darned good fight.”
    [18:46] Borris Stormcrow hands the woman his flask “No, but you boxed wonderful match”
    [18:46] Bianca Namori: chuckles and applaudes loudly.
    [18:46] Bookworm Hienrichs: Here. You’ll probably need this.
    [18:46] Ceejay Writer nods approvingly. “That’s our Book.”
    [18:46] Junie Ginsburg smiles sleepily and says, “Ah. Good.”
    [18:46] Scottie Melnik nods quickly, “Very well done, Junie.”
    [18:46] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach glances up at the balcony.
    [18:46] Bianca Namori: On behalf of The Pit, thank you once again for coming out, having fun, and showing support for your boxers. Let’s hear it for them again please!
    [18:46] Jimmy Branagh: Both ladies were great!
    [18:46] Mr Underby glares down
    [18:46] Jimmy Branagh: Good match.
    [18:46] Juan Ríos applauds
    [18:46] Borris Stormcrow claps next to the two boxers
    [18:46] Ceejay Writer applauds and definitely needs a drink after this display.
    [18:47] Stereo Nacht: Miss Zanya, hypothetical question: if trouble was to erupt suddenly, would you be up for it?
    [18:47] Bookworm Hienrichs looks around, suddenly realizing that she did, in fact, win the match.
    [18:47] Zanya: Depends on the type of trouble.
    [18:47] Gabrielle Anatra smiles
    [18:47] Rusty Bones grins at Book
    [18:47] Bookworm Hienrichs: Ummm…thank you, everyone.
    [18:47] Stereo Nacht: Ah, very well. Thank you for your honesty.
    [18:48] Bookworm Hienrichs looks a little dazed herself.
    [18:48] Junie Ginsburg looks up at Book and holds out her hand to shke
    [18:48] Sky Melnik applauds for both of the fighters
    [18:48] Junie Ginsburg: *shake
    [18:48] Bookworm Hienrichs shakes Junie’s hand. “No hard feelings?”
    [18:48] Borris Stormcrow: One more time let us have applause for our boxers this evening and the pit as well!
    [18:48] Gabrielle Anatra: That was solid strategy. Wait her out then show yourself. Good.
    [18:48] Bianca Namori: Never thought Book even knew what a punch was habibi….
    [18:48] Ceejay Writer claps till her hands sting.
    [18:48] Junie Ginsburg shakes her head. “Nope. Well done, Ms. Book.”
    [18:48] Stargirl Macbain: YAY!
    [18:48] Scottie Melnik applauds for both ladies.
    [18:48] Gabrielle Anatra applauds
    [18:48] Satu Moreau: YAY!
    [18:48] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Ginsburg, if you might look in my direction, bitte.
    [18:49] Stargirl Macbain: You know, why isn’t there a doctor here for these? what if someone got hurt?
    [18:49] Jimmy Branagh: SHe’s allroight, just a little dazed
    [18:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach checks her eyes
    [18:49] Stargirl Macbain: well…more hurt.
    [18:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I am a doctor.
    [18:49] Bookworm Hienrichs climbs out of the ring carefully.
    [18:49] Junie Ginsburg nods
    [18:49] Borris Stormcrow: Please do join us for boxing in future weeks to come.
    [18:49] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Are you dizzy at all?
    [18:49] Junie Ginsburg shrugs. “No more than usual.”
    [18:49] Ceejay Writer steps to the edge of the ring and presses a small bit of folded paper into Junie’s hand. “smoke it later. For the pain”
    [18:50] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Jimmy, check her hands.
    [18:50] Bianca Namori: heads downstairs.
    [18:50] Stereo Nacht: What about you, miss Hienrichs? Any double-seeing? Lack of balance?
    [18:50] Junie Ginsburg looks at the paper in her hand absently
    [18:50] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh, a sense of humour. Sehr gut.
    [18:50] Scottie Melnik chuckles, “She just spent some time kissing the mat. She might be a little dizzy…”
    [18:50] Bookworm Hienrichs approaches Bianca. “Satisfied?”
    [18:50] Borris Stormcrow grabs the women to his right and his left and bear hugs each in one arm
    [18:50] Jimmy Branagh: Hands Baron?
    [18:50] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: May I feel your jaw?
    [18:50] Stargirl Macbain squeels and laughs, “Borris, my big friend, how are you?”
    [18:50] Bianca Namori: Nice fight Miss Hienrichs. See you soon? -smiles and nods-
    [18:50] Junie Ginsburg nods, still blinking slowly
    [18:50] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: See if Fraulein Bookworm’s hands are broken at all. She should get ice on them anyway.
    [18:50] Charise Adderstein grins, “Good to see you around, Borris.”
    [18:50] Bookworm Hienrichs nods noncommittally.
    [18:51] Borris Stormcrow: Pleasant as normal, and you both?
    [18:51] Zanya: Gentlemen? Is this a sport any young lady can join? :)
    [18:51] Jimmy Branagh: Allroight sir
    [18:51] Stargirl Macbain: Every day is better than the next, Borris
    [18:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach checks for any damage, feels only the swelling of bruises.
    [18:51] Jimmy Branagh: You okay Miss Book?
    [18:51] Bianca Namori: tussles Jimmy’s hair, nods to the rest and heads out calling back, “Next time Junie! Next time!”
    [18:51] Bookworm Hienrichs: ((So who’s going to post the log? *grin*))
    [18:51] Jimmy Branagh: Any pains?
    [18:51] Borris Stormcrow: A good this!
    [18:51] Stereo Nacht: If Miss Hienrichscan do it, so can you, Zanya! ;-)
    [18:51] Borris Stormcrow: *thing
    [18:51] Bianca Namori: ((That log is longer than the nile!!)
    [18:51] Bookworm Hienrichs looks at her hands, finally seeing the marks of her punches on them.
    [18:51] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: You did well for a fight like this, Fraulein Ginsburg. Get some cold compresses and some rest.
    [18:52] Jimmy Branagh: Lemme see …
    [18:52] Bookworm Hienrichs holds out her hands to Jimmy.
    [18:52] Zanya: I guess everyone is busy tending to the wounded.
    [18:52] Junie Ginsburg winces as it registers that the doctor had been touching her face
    [18:52] Jimmy Branagh checks Miss Book’s hands.
    [18:52] Bookworm Hienrichs: Hmm. They’re beginning to sting.
    [18:52] Bianca Namori: Heya Tes.
    [18:52] Stargirl Macbain laughs, “Dr. Dayafter, there’s someone i’d like to punch in the kisser.”
    [18:52] Junie Ginsburg nods to the doctor. “Thank you.”
    [18:52] Stargirl Macbain: Tessy!
    [18:52] Tesla Tripsa: Hiya
    [18:52] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: You’ll colour up for a week or so, unfortunately.
    [18:52] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh but they’re foine. A bit bruised and skinned up, but no real damage.
    [18:52] Tesla Tripsa: I’m back for real now
    [18:52] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Danke, Herr Jimmy.
    [18:52] Stargirl Macbain: YAY!
    [18:53] Borris Stormcrow: He is mine first, could not be here tonight, but will box Borris later
    [18:53] Bookworm Hienrichs nods.
    [18:53] Jimmy Branagh: Ya moight wanna get some ointment on those scrapes
    [18:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Would you like a hand out of the ring?
    [18:53] Gabrielle Anatra waves
    [18:53] Stereo Nacht notices Miss Namori has gone down, and follows
    [18:53] Junie Ginsburg nods again. “That much I expected.” Her lps feel larger than usual.
    [18:53] Bookworm Hienrichs: Yes–Mariah’s promised to tend to me when I get home.
    [18:53] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach nods back
    [18:53] Satu Moreau: Put up a good fight though, Ms. Junie.
    [18:53] Junie Ginsburg smiles at Hono
    [18:53] Gabrielle Anatra: That she did.
    [18:53] Gabrielle Anatra smiles
    [18:53] Sky Melnik looks to Junie, smiling at her, “Glad you survived. Blow off that steam?”
    [18:54] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: You did well, Fraulein Bookworm. You surprised me, pleasantly. Nothing to be embarrassed about.
    [18:54] Junie Ginsburg grins around a swelling face. “Yup, that about did it.”
    [18:54] Bookworm Hienrichs looks over at Junie. “I think my home is closer than yours. You’d be welcome to come and have your wounds tended to there.”
    [18:54] Bookworm Hienrichs: Thank you, Baron.
    [18:54] Mr Underby watches Miss Nacht closely
    [18:54] Bookworm Hienrichs: I…must admit, I’m rather surprised myself.
    [18:54] Junie Ginsburg nods to Book. “Thanks, that might be good.”
    [18:54] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh Miss Book was lightnin’!
    [18:55] Gabrielle Anatra smiles
    [18:55] Junie Ginsburg pats Sky and Scotties shoulders. “Thanks for coming, both of you!”
    [18:55] Gabrielle Anatra: Yes, she was quite good that last round.
    [18:55] Stereo Nacht: That was impressive. I still prefer to use weapons, though.
    [18:55] Ceejay Writer smiles at the kindhearted exchange.
    [18:55] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach leans over to ask quietly, ‘Do you need any help, or does this resolve matters?’
    [18:55] Bookworm Hienrichs glances over and smiles a bit wryly at Ceejay.
    [18:55] Zanya: Mr Stormcrow?
    [18:55] Sky Melnik: It was a pleasure! You should be quite proud! Go be sure to take care of yourself.
    [18:56] Bookworm Hienrichs replies as quietly, “I believe all is resolved.”
    [18:56] Borris Stormcrow: Yes?
    [18:56] Bookworm Hienrichs smiles over her shoulder at Miss Stereo.
    [18:56] Zanya: I was wondering if you’re looking for any more participants?
    [18:56] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach says, just as quietly, ‘Never hesitate to call on assistance when needed.’
    [18:56] Junie Ginsburg smiles. “Thanks, Sky.”
    [18:56] Scottie Melnik: Time to heal up a bit. And celebrate a well fought fight.
    [18:57] Borris Stormcrow: Application are always taken, there are application outside of door and a box to drop them in as well
    [18:57] Bookworm Hienrichs glances over at Mr. Underby, wondering a bit at his silence.
    [18:57] Zanya: Are there gyms in New Babbage I mighrt be able to learn and train at?
    [18:57] Sky Melnik grins and nods, “And we’ll have Juan send you over a pie or two soon, eh?”
    [18:57] Stereo Nacht wonders where Miss Namori has gone so quickly…
    [18:57] Stargirl Macbain: Sky used to train people to fight.
    [18:57] Mr Underby smiles at Miss Book dryly
    [18:57] Junie Ginsburg laughs. “Pie!”
    [18:57] Juan Ríos nods to Sky and Junie
    [18:57] Rusty Bones: ((Woot! Third time’s the charm. Got my own card))
    [18:57] Bookworm Hienrichs gets her skirt and boots from the corner and puts them back on, then takes up her jacket, carrying it.
    [18:57] Borris Stormcrow: This is for anyone who wishes to box in Pit. please fill out application and leave in box outside of door
    [18:57] Juan Ríos: Cinderberry again?
    [18:58] Rusty Bones grins, waving Bookworm’s card as well.
    [18:58] Scottie Melnik grins, “Pie is a natural healing agent, of course. The best.”
    [18:58] Junie Ginsburg’s eyes widen at the sight of uan. “Yes, ndeed, sir!”
    [18:58] Junie Ginsburg: *Juan
    [18:58] Stereo Nacht: Well, if all is over…
    [18:58] Bookworm Hienrichs: Yes, thankfully.
    [18:58] Borris Stormcrow: I must be out for eve, good eve to all, and thank you for coming
    [18:58] Stereo Nacht: Herr baron, will you need me tonight?
    [18:58] Juan Ríos: My pleasure, senorita.
    [18:58] Bookworm Hienrichs: Good night, everyone.
    [18:58] Satu Moreau: I thought there was a second match tonight?
    [18:58] Jimmy Branagh: Noight Mr. Borris
    [18:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: I believe not, Captainess. Danke.
    [18:58] Gabrielle Anatra (gabriell.anatra): G’night
    [18:59] Junie Ginsburg: Okay, I’m going to head over to Book and get some rest. Thanks for coming and cheering all!
    [18:59] Jimmy Branagh: Noight Miss Book!
    [18:59] Jimmy Branagh: Noight Miss Junie!
    [18:59] Satu Moreau: Swift recovery, Ms. Junie.
    [18:59] Bookworm Hienrichs takes Junie’s elbow to help her along.
    [18:59] Sky Melnik (sky.netizen): Heal up, Junie! And great fight, you two!
    [18:59] Junie Ginsburg: G’night, Jimmy!
    [18:59] Stereo Nacht: I shall take my leave, then. Good night all, and congratulations again, ladies!
    [18:59] Zanya: Night everyone.
    [18:59] Junie GinsburgJunie Ginsburg grins
    [18:59] Zanya: Night Stereo. :)
    [18:59] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Gute Nacht.

  5. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg August 15, 2011

    *draws a doodle of a HOLY COW!*

    Thanks, Book, for posting all of this.  I read through the log last night and was amazed at how much I had missed.  Also, thanks to you and Doc O for inviting me to be part of the story – this was my first real RP opportunity, and it was a lot of fun.

    Thanks to Bianca for being a gracious hostess, even if she does have a taste for blood.

    Thanks to Sky for helping me play through a response, and to both her Scottie for standing in my corner.  (Incidentally, I didn’t hear you at the door last night – didn’t realize you’d been there until I read the log!)

    And finally, I’d like to thank the Academy….of….Industry.  For, uhm, not kicking me out yet.

    Look!  Pocket pies!  *runs away*

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 15, 2011

      I know!  I didn’t realized until after I’d read the log that I missed the opportunity to meet the Spanish baker everyone’s been talking about. *sigh*

  6. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori August 15, 2011

    I’m not blood thirsty, I’m…er…umm….getting into the action! -coughs-


    You both did well and I KNEW this log was going to be loooong. It was a fun reread again though and you are both welcome to box whenever you wish too though Imma gonna put my foot up Doc O’s backside if he interferes with my decent, good sporting again. -winks playfully-

  7. Queer Hermit Queer Hermit August 15, 2011

    As sunlight streams into the Temple study a pigeon sits in its cage resting easily.  A certain kunoichi sits at the writing table nearby composing a letter for Miss Hienrichs…

    Dearest Sister-miko;

    I have read about your contest from dispatches sent by certain urchins.  I would like to add my congratulations for your win.  How brave of you to do such a thing!  Might I ask what possessed you to do it?  Speaking of possessed, I read that your style of boxing changed suddenly at the end of the match.  From the descriptions in the dispatches it almost sounded like someone else was fighting all of a sudden.  Was that because of Mariah or was Mac taking over?

    In any case…Banzai !!  Banzai !!  Banzai !!

  8. Erehwon Yoshikawa Erehwon Yoshikawa August 20, 2011

    “I’ll punt you like a garden gnome!” 

    I’m grinning at that turn of phrase.

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