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Bloody Woman Discovered in Iron Bay

Is she suffering from the marsh gas, or was the “Beef Heart” offering actually human heart ripped right from her body?  Wonders if traces of human can be found in beef products around the city?

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  1. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 19, 2013

    I have seen this woman myself prior! ( It was in fact *during* the marsh gas. (According to which logic she should have evaporated as a figment of both of our imaginations. *Ahem*) But to the business as it presents itself, was she deceased when you found her? I would say she bears some investigation. In consideration of our recent hopes for a welcome center, surely we do not want our unexpecting guests stumbling upon such …..unsettling sights.

  2. MsLadyJewel MsLadyJewel February 19, 2013

    I kept out of sight, watching from just around the corner.  I could see her from my front porch at home.  This is not the first time I have found her sitting in that exact spot.  I was not able to determine if she was breathing or not.  (my lingering cough has yet to evaporate).

  3. Lottie Lottie February 19, 2013

    I will investigate, as there is no risk of disease or contamination.

    • Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 20, 2013

      Excellent Lottie! I did worry about exactly that. Oddly enough I walked upon her immediately after your suggestions about the beef heart Lady Jewel. I was careful to stay at a distance of course. You never know which maniac is hiding a knife just out of sight in Babbage. I must admit though, some of her words caused me some pause.

      Added in: A retelling of my recent “stumble upon” with her can be found here

  4. Lottie Lottie February 20, 2013

    Contacted the subject at N end of Lower Rieman St near the Telford Canal. Subject was sitting next to boxes beside the building on the W side of street.

    Subject was marginally communicative. Spoke in plural during self-referential speech which called for singular. Additionally was inadequately dressed for current weather conditions.

    Advised subject to seek assistance and shelter.

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