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Bianca’s Dissapearing Act

It wasn’t that long after I’d gotten off of my crutches that I made the stupid decision to head back over to the Gut in search of anything involving Bianca and her dangerous arm. In my search, I did find some valuable information – including a copy of an order she had sent to a certain Doctor. It seems the arm had been planned all along, the little wretch had planned from the start to have her arm cut off! Perhaps I should’ve just left her there to die…


Regardless, it is now over. After seeing just how angry Ephraim could really be at my dangerous excursions, I decided to keep to the lab for a while. With all of the time he has on his hands he went out at some point – I presume while I was asleep and came back with some rather unexpected news. It seems he found a receipt for tickets – tickets for Bianca to get out of town. She’s left… vanished out of sight.


I can’t decide whether I’m relieved or dissapointed. Surely this is the safer way, but things are rather dull now.

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  1. Rusty Bones Rusty Bones November 16, 2010

    Tch, runnin off without sendin me no note ‘r nothin. That’s a fine how do. Bettera been takin some bad heat fer shootin the ruskie ta skip out like that without tellin me.

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