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Beryl’s Journal: Friday the 13

I had spent half the night before going to friends trying to find some way to locate Kasa, but there was nothing.  Kasa had told me to run, and was unlikely calling my name for help.  There was nothing to do with the deadline approaching but to go with some of the urchins plans.

The first was to fake my death and blow up as many as possible, and if the clockworks didn’t believe that we were going to surrender me and follow me with something Zaros created, so that the automatons had no idea they were coming and Kasa would remain safe.  

We were told the clockworks might just shut down if I did go with them…The Steam Hare had told us that the small droids considered me their hope.  If they caught me they were sure that Dr. Dinosaur would be brought back to life.  We expected that when that didn’t happen they’d just be so confused that they’d shut down or start to malfunction worse.

When I was taken however at five which was when we had said they would start following me, their rescue was not as quick in coming as I could have wanted.  Worse the clockworks seemed overjoyed and had some strange equipment ready for me in a coal mine I hadn’t realized was there.  With the clockwork raptor there and Kasa locked tightly into a chair I didn’t fight as they put me inside the machine.

It was some kind of genetic de..something or other…it wasn’t ‘me’ they needed.  It was Doctor Dinosaurs ‘genetic material’.  

When Arnold had clawed them in that last desperate battle, determined to make the raptor bleed, he had done so.  Unfortunately this meant our blood mingled.  In a human this would have disipated but…

The machine felt like it was tearing through me, so I wasn’t aware of the Doctors return, but Kasa witnessed it.  He apparently was happy, but heard the shots and fighting from above and was forced to retreat before he could turn off his machine and enjoy his return from the grave meals.  

Zaros, Myrtil, Jimmy and many others shot the machine apart and it exploded, but this caused a cave in and a fire.  We had to help each other escape, but we all made it out.  At this point I’m happy we’re all alive, but I’m not looking forward to when Doctor Dinosaur returns…

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  1. Zaros Xue Zaros Xue December 15, 2013

    Zaros walked his way through Babbage, tracking device in hand. “Knew it’d work. I told them so…” he threw it in the air, catching it with a gleeful smile. He was determined to hide the day-saving machine, for fear a certain cat may not believe the device was no longer tracking them. He couldn’t risk it being destroy, not after all the work he’d put into it.

    • Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw December 15, 2013

      “Maddox, I need to borrow Helio’s old sledgehammer.”

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