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Bees attack urchins! Sweeping the chimney becomes impossible!

I was checking up on my bees yesteday when I noticed something quite peculiar – the bees seemed somehow restless and did not act in the calm manner they usually do. I tried playing the violin to them but it was to little avail.

Unfortunately just at this moment Watson had invited two aspiring sweeps, Myrtil and Jimmy, to check up on our much clogged up chimney. Everything went according to the plan, until the children climbed on the roof – for some reason my bees lost their composure and started attacking! The poor children got quite a few stings, and even I got one! From my own bees!

Luckily we had the good doctor there to help us once we got down from the roof. He gave some healing ointment
after which the children were able to finish at least a part of their
task. I was so relieved and felt slightly guilty that I awarded both
urchins with a gold sovereign. I don’t think another chimneysweep will be willing to go up there again in a while, though!

This is indeed a very strange occurance. I started to suspect someone or something may have caused my bees to do this. What or who it was, I haven’t the faintest yet and I must investigate this further.

I really advise anyone except myself to stay off the roof of 221B for the time being!

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