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Back in Babbage but not quite back yet

So im finally back in New Babbage busy building away. The New Cobblestone House is taking shape as well as trying to keep up with the Mayors snowfall calander. Once all the building is finished, i hope to get back into the spirit of Babbage, go site seeing at whats new. Anyone have any recomendations? 

As for my RP that will be in the new year and i will also make some new hunts that have MADpea style elements which i might need Babbage Establishment owners to help with. I have a few new ideas that ill want to try out. So its all looking rather spiffing so far :)

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  1. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna December 3, 2013

    If you need to use the brewery let me know.

  2. Jon Chen Jon Chen December 3, 2013

    Thanks for all the snow, the city looks lovely.  This’ll be my first Christmas in NB, and I did not really think it would snow, but then, when it’s the year 188x, every Christmas is a Victorian Christmas!

    Timing is a factor here: there’s the Krampus Party on the 5th; I think it would be good for folks to make time for that, to unwind a bit.

    Things to see, and in this order:

    1. The new old Brunel Hall Hotel (of course)

    1.5 Models for the new City hall (it’s nearby, civic duty and all that)

    2. Murgam Asylum & Whewell Observatory (excellent builds, both are in Wheatstone)

    3. Sunken Gardens (lovely in Autumn, surprising in snow, also in Wheatstone)

    4. The new old Cocoa Java (with Christmas Tree!)

    4.5 Seasonal commerce: If you need a cat, the Whitby Cat and Tea Yard has breedables and Permapets; if you need to spiff up your home with tasteful furniture, see Kusshon’s (Palisades) — I thought Kusshon’s Christmassy atmosphere was quite enjoyable, in itself, though, and I stand corrected, byt a friend that it was NOT a deer’s head but a moose’s head that had been given a Christmas treatment, and is worth seeing, alone.

    5.  If you do all of this on a Friday, cap it off with Foot Tappin’ Friday at the Clarendon!

    Nota Bene: Dress warmly, and don’t forget your frosty, cold breath! :)

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