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Autopsy Report: George Callenby of Falun


Malachi Miggins states, I am a Doctor of Medicine practicing in the City-state of New Babbage. 

On the morning of the 1st of August I made a post mortem examination of the deceased.  The name of the deceased, based on initial identification, is that of a Mr. George Callenby, resident of the City-State of Falun. 

The body was that of a average statured male; it was dirty from a mixture of canal grime and of being hastily buried in a shallow grave covered in burlap. The body was dressed in a ruffled shirt and plain trousers.  These items were removed by me. The skin shewed an advanced state of putrefaction, and had separated from the inner tissues, indicating an extended period of time submerged in water.  The color of the skin was grey, and showed considerable and patchy loss of the epidermis due to extended immersion.  Tissue from the hands, feet, and face were missing.  No external wounds on the body. 

The body was five feet and seven inches in length.  Rigor mortis was no longer evident in any of the limbs, also indicating an extended period of time submerged in water. 

On examination the skull appeared normal and wholly unremarkable. No evidence of trauma was discovered.  The brain was found to be within normal parameters, with no signs of physical injury.  The eyes were missing, as were the lips and most of the tongue. 

Internally the condition of the body was as follows – – all internal organs were bloated and enlarged.  The lungs were filled with water, consistent with drowning whilst still alive.  All other organs were within normal parameters.  Several species of insect were found within. 

The immediate cause of death was by drowning. 

Malachi Miggins, MD


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  1. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos August 6, 2011

    An excellent post-mortem, colleague.

  2. Doc Miggins Doc Miggins August 8, 2011

    BTW, Jed Dagger almost entirely wrote this autopsy.  Thanks Red!

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