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Automoton 004

newest design from Footman Automotons, the Mk. 1 Automoton 004 assistant, perfect for the busy new babbagian who has no time to cook or clean, the 004 series does it all!  cooking! cleaning! heavy lifting! makes julian fries!  all 004’s are equipped with the new AX9 cognigator units, giving them 5 times the logic*!


*disclaimer: do not use the oo4 model for cooking or cleaning,  cognigator has been known to be easily unstabilized.  do not get wet, do not stoke with anything but type 13 grade coal/p-stone compound.  do not give unspecific orders.  do not attempt to engage in conversation. do not give logic paradoxes.  the 004 series is not sentient, do not give them cause to be.  if your 004 model automoton begins to spark and sing ‘daisy’ keep away from sharp objects and send the receipt to Footman Automotons for a refund and emergency response crew.

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