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Audio Story for You: The Wheels of Chance

Ms. Flood, for the past three months, has been performing a live reading (interrupting telephones, parents, and earthquakes near Castlepoint notwithstanding) of H. G. Wells’ The Wheels of Chance: A Bicycling Idyll, one of his early works from 1895, which our Typist has a soft spot for.

Quite simply, Mr Hoopdriver is looking forward to his holiday away from Putney and all things drapery, taking a Cycling Tour of the South Coast – innocence of the cycling art notwithstanding. However, his Tour becomes an Adventure, when he encounters a Young Lady in Grey…

Ms. Flood has a page devoted to this book on her personal site. It is in twelve parts, of half an hour each or so, and being live there are probably a few flubs, stutters, awkward pauses for vocal lubrication, and so forth, but some effort has been made to clean them up.

It is possible that our Typist still has that copy of The Food of the Gods, and How it Came to Earth by Wells, so perhaps ministrations could be done for another reading especially for the Babbage citizenry.

The Wheels of Chance, as performed Live at The Listening Room, Edloe

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