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Arriving in New Babbage

The displaced gypsy looked around the bare room.  Ok, it wasn’t her lost and lamented wagon, and the walls were grimy and the floor was a bit creaky, but what did you expect from a place called Gutter’s Row?   It was a start, right?  And Charity had liked it as well, she called it her ‘safe house’, whatever that meant.  

The fact was, Charity was building a large home but it wasn’t ready yet, and with Lynn accepted to the Academy she needed a place to set down.  And she wanted to pay for the room herself, no more accepting charity from others.   Seeing as she had spent most of her savings on school, Gutter’s Row was all she could afford; everything else had been lost in the tragedy at Cala Mondrago.

She sighed.  Well, not everything.  Bianca Namori was here in the city, and she had been a friend in Mondrago.  Bianca had been the one to tell the gypsy about New Babbage and had even set her up with a job, as a hostess in some club greeting and talking to people when she wasn’t at school.  It sounded fun, Lynn liked meeting new people.

 Though, she had to admit, Bianca had been a bit different then she remembered from the old city, with an edge that the gypsy had not seen before.  She had talked about her new family, it sounded like quite an extended family, of people that weren’t necessarily relatives but all worked together.  To Lynn, it sounded just like her gypsy clans who took care of their own and were insular because they had to be.  When she had said this, Bianca had smirked a bit (what was with the smirk?  She didn’t ever remember Bianca smirking in Mondrago) and just nodded.

Whatever.   Lynn had needed a small job and a place that she could pay for, she trusted Bianca, so here she was!  She missed the outdoors but if you were going to become elegant you couldn’t stay in the wild all the time!

And that was it.  She saw all the people in Caledon and other places she had visited all dressed up so elegantly, and so smart, and she knew they looked down at her in her gypsy clothes, bare feet, lack of culture and basically self-taught learning.  She had told herself she was determined to change this, and was doing everything she could to that end.  She was reading all the time now, devouring all the books she could find, and she had been accepted at a school to learn how to look, dress and act like a real lady; to learn to talk to people and to be witty and smart and dance as well as anyone!

 Charity told her she didn’t need to do this, that she fit in just fine, but Lynn wanted to.  It didn’t mean she would abandon her gypsy heritage – oh no! – but she wanted an opportunity to live in, to move between, both worlds, maybe combine the two into one… awesome…  LYNN!!!  She twirled and giggled, thinking of this!  

She grinned, set her violin in the corner and began cleaning the room.  Soon it would be filled with beautiful gowns befitting a lady and she didn’t want to get them all dirty!


OOC stuff:

Lynn is obviously a gypsy by heritage, somehow landed in New Babbage via Cala Mondrago.  She is always kind and good hearted; often shy and quiet in larger groups but sometimes able to talk your ear off one on one.  She also has a penchant for bad, corny jokes, and loves to play her violin around the campfire (not that there are many of those in New Babbage!)

 Lynn is also currently quite naive and idealistic.  She generally always sees the best in people, and is sometimes quite oblivious to things around her.  That doesn’t mean she is not intelligent (quite the opposite!), it’s more that her outlook and her own past sometimes blinds her to things in this new world she has found herself in. 

Also, as seen above, she has a burning desire to become ‘smart & elegant’ and has been accepted to a women’s finishing school to that end.   




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  1. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos August 4, 2011

    Welcome to New Babbage, madam.  I hope you find this city to be home.

  2. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 4, 2011

    Welcome to New Babbage, Miss Lynn!

  3. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn August 4, 2011

    Welcome. I look forward to hearing of your adventures in our fair city!

  4. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 4, 2011

    come outside the Palisade Gate, Miss! There are some camps there you could play your violin at!

  5. Sky Melnik Sky Melnik August 4, 2011

    Welcome to New Babbage! If you find your lungs taking a while to adjust to the soot levels, know that is normal for newcomers. The burning will eventually subside. *grins* Most locals find that drinking large quantities of alcohol helps, though a few of us prefer cocoa or coffee. Wait, nevermind, just eat some pie, that should help!

  6. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg August 4, 2011

    Welcome, Ms. Mimistrobell! 

    There is always room for one more bad, corny joke. Or three.

  7. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington August 5, 2011


    Dont drink the canal water, dont eat anything at The Bucket of Blood and most of all dont drink the coffee at the CocoaJava….

  8. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori August 5, 2011

    There could be no bigger sweetheart. Welcome Lynn!

  9. Ahnyanka Delphin Ahnyanka Delphin August 5, 2011

    Welcome to the big city, darling!  It’s a wild ride.  Hope you love it as much as we do!

    *blows the gypsy a kiss*

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