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Arnold’s Journal: June 27th – July 11th

Monday June 27th: Deconstruction begins

I spoke with Mr. Harvey today and he asked for my help in moving the furniture and other items out of the hospital.  Apparently the barges were to be operational and the hospital closed for deconstruction to allow the remodeling to begin.  I offered to help him as best I could and he had me start by moving the furniture upstairs.  It wasn’t as easy as it might have been before the strike, but I managed.

Tuesday June 28th:  Obolensky gloats

Doctor Obolensky was gloating over his successful destruction of the Piermont to Miss Breezy today.  I let him know that I had spoken to Miss Book at the auction and how upset she seemed, which made him extremely pleased.  It was a very odd conversation where Breezy claimed that she would prevail because she was good and the doctor was evil, and eventually recanted and just said:

[05:19] Breezy Carver Fabre: to be honest
[05:20] Breezy Carver Fabre: new babbage always wins
[05:20] Breezy Carver Fabre: really :)
[05:20] Arnold: So the only loser here is someone who hates New Babbage.
[05:20] Arnold: Wonderful.
[05:20] Arnold: I’m doomed.
[05:20] Doctor Obolensky: Heheheheh.

After this, Doctor O was kind enough to inform me of his doom clocks, which I decided I should stay away from, otherwise the hands would probably break.  I went back to the hospital to continue our work there.

Wed and Thursday June 30th and 31st:  Huxley Hall is coming down.

The work of dismantling the hospital continued through today, and I attended a story of some kind in order to unwind.  After that I ran into Stormy on one of my runs.  We talked for a short time, and I have to admit that he’s at least a better liar than Emerson Lighthouse.  In any occassion it’s probably best that I keep our interactions to a minimum.

Friday and Saturday, July 1st and 2nd:  Construction continues

Nothing new to report, except that I’m still working with Mr. Blackberry on his construction, I’m still sleep walking, though Ï’m not wandering very far at night. 

Sunday, July 3rd:  I want to claw someones face off.

*In almost illegible print* Mr. Harvey wanted to throw an party at the CocoaJava.  Probably because he’d been working so hard.  While at the CocoaJava, Maddox said she wanted to talk to me of her past…and when she finally told me back in the sub…I wanted to hurt something, or someone.  How could she have hidden the fact that her family was in a blood feud?  How could she have hidden this rather important detail, knowing that her life and mine probably depended on it!?  If she had told me sooner, I might have been there that night her fiance died!  If she had confided in any of her class mates this could have ended differently!  Why should I risk my life to protect her when she never even had the decency to tell me how it might already be in danger!?

Monday July 4th: 

I have not forgiven Miss Maddox, and I’m not sure if I ever will.  But working with Mr. Harvey and running around town has helped me focus a little and calm down.  I did agree to find some way to deal with this Mr Metier last night and told her to send a letter for a description of the man from Dr. Thaddeus, including any habits or mannerisms that he may have noticed.

One thing I think I should note is that I had seen Mr. Kuroe at the party last night, but I didn’t have the payment or the time
to tell him we’d decided against such a measure as he’d proposed.

Tuesday July 5th:  The Clockwinder unwinds.

After another day of work, I found my way to a drink contest that had been held.  Mr Tenk got sick shortly after I arrived, and had a few problems.  Mr Underby appeared to care for his health, but this caused Stargirl to accuse him of not really having Tenk’s best interests at heart.  I admit that I was too distracted with my own problems to really be too concerned with what was going on here, and I had come to unwind, not have another reason to be upset.

It was a pleasant enough night after that unfortunate event though.

Wed July 6th: Mr. Clowes

I found Lionheart using the barges today to treat a Mr. Clowes who had an old gunshot wound that was doing poorly.  Apparently he was an employee of…someone who won’t be named, since he’d rather that fact was forgotten. 

I made a mental note to tell Blackberry that Lionheart was using the facilities and showing an interest in someone medically, as he had asked me before and helped him with his patient.  After Lionheart left I spoke with Mr. Clowes for awhile and had a pleasant enough conversation I suppose.

The new towers that Mr. Harvey is constructing are coming about and when they’re finished I doubt that anyone would say they perfered the original Hall or hospital to this one…except the people who hate change of any kind.

Thur July 7th:

I woke up nearby Lionhearts current abode this morning…for whatever reason…it didn’t matter though.  I made my way back to the sub and talked to Miss Maddox, and I was glad that I had at least calmed down enough to talk to her peacefully.  I haven’t forgiven her, but at least we can talk again.  We walked and explored a little before she went back to her notes, and I got the information I needed on Mr. Metier from a letter Dr. Thaddeus had written her back.

I also attended a party celebrating villains such as Doctor Obolensky…it was uneventful, but I did spy a familiar face looking down at all of us at one point.  Odd that he should have returned just in time for a party celebrating villains.

Friday and Saturday July 8th and 9th:  Too busy to party anymore.

Breakfast in Babbage was supposed to be on Saturday morning, but I only arrived at the end to say sorry we could not attend.  Between the work at the hospital and other pressing matters, we simply couldn’t attend.

Sunday July 10th:  Well, maybe not.

It took a little time, but Mr. Harvey was happy to call Huxley Hall ready and put on a pre-screening dance for his new design.  I was having a good time on the mezzanine, and everything was going well…till one of the very large sewer rats showed up.

I considered for a moment that the new carpet would be ruined if I clawed it to death, but it seemed to understand what I was thinking and it departed after either seeing me or catching my scent.  Still, other than that it was a good way to unwind for both me and Maddox.  After the party I told Mr. Harvey what Lionheart had done with the barges the other day, but since other people were listening I couldn’t mention the diagnosis or what they were treating.

Mr. Kuroe was also here, but with so many people here I couldn’t mention our buisness.  I don’t even know what’s become of Tenk since the drink contest, I’ve just been so busy.

Monday July 11th:  He arrives…

I just contined with the routine I had fallen into, work during the day and rest at night, when Canergak approached me while I was sitting on a bench.  He’d apparently just returned from his trip around the steam lands.  He still has that heart and is willing to trade with the doctor, but he also expressed an interest in forming a partnership with Miss Maddox and wanted me to send word to her.  I don’t think I’m going to bother.  Besides, I have enough to worry about thinking about whenever this Henri fellow will show up.  It won’t be much longer now, but apparently he won’t be hard to pick out in a Babbage crowd.

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire July 13, 2011

    I will make this up to you, Arnold. I promise. Don’t worry too much, I already have plans in motion.

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