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April Fools befitting of the Church of the Builder

Found this in an AOL article today on the top April Fools jokes of the past century or so. Somehow I could easily imagine one of the more playful monks printing up a mock newspaper article to show the Fathers and watch them fly into a fury. 



The “New Mexicans for Science and
Reason” newsletter played a huge prank on its number crunching readers. For
their April 1998 issue, the newsletter ran an article claiming that Alabama
State legislature had legally changed the value of Pi from 3.141 to the more
biblically important 3. This article spread like wildfire and was reported by
other news outlets. The result was Alabama’s State Legislature being flooded
with phone calls in protest of a law that they weren’t even aware of. The
perpetrator of the prank was physicist Mark Boslough. Who knew that a physicist
could be such a prankster?


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  1. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska April 1, 2011

    In other news today, all round things in New Mexico turned into polygons. Very difficult experience for those in wheeled vehicles…

    • Senjata Witt Senjata Witt April 2, 2011

      -A predictable side-effect of the -un-rounding of Pi, I presume…

    • Yang Moreau Yang Moreau April 2, 2011

      lol I do adore that one, the spaghetti harvest as well.

      XD And on the subject of April Fools, if you haven’t noticed what Jed pulled on me yet, –> take a look at the Recent Immigrants block on the right. I happened to pick April 1st to register Scald Sonnerstein on here, I’m not even sure why, and I wound up with… XD Booger.

      I was laughing out loud when I saw that in my email and saved a screencap.

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