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Appreciation and importance of Local Freebies

Dear all,

As a new player to second life, starting with nothing but my wits, i wanted to comment on how life had treated me in new babbage thus far. Particularly in relation to the issue of local freebies.

One thing that i would wish to say is that Babbage is a very good place for a newbie steampunk roleplayer to get to grips with the world and with getting their avatar “looking the part”. The amount of practical, useful and themed free items that i was able to pick up by exploring the city was very good and it encouraged me to have a good look around.

By the end of my first day in the game, i had an excellent starter package from the explorers group, which guided me to other steampunk areas and which gave me a nice set of goggles, a top hat and some other great geat as well as a nice title. I also had a smoke launching gun and a whole blimp, which from my experience of vehicles has a really well done script and looks fantastic. I also had some winter gear, two different Fez hats and a lantern, as well as some other bits and pieces i cant recall.

The position of a new player is to start with nothing, not even control of ones own skin and body. Any addition that lets you settle into a themed community is a godsend and Babbage offered far more than any other similarly themed area i have since browsed over.

Thus i would commend highly all of the people who have made this possible and encourage new shop owners to remember having a freebie section, however small, as those early few days make an incredible difference to a helpless newcomer and one day those newcomers may return to spend lindens in your shop.

So, good show all and well done.


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  1. Doctor Obolensky Doctor Obolensky May 13, 2011

    Glad to hear that! Is there anything that you think would be a good freebie that we are missing?

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 13, 2011

      There are girl urchin clothes in the pack at Clockhaven, geez.. how many clothes girls gotta have!

      Tepic shrugs and wanders off, in despair of girls in general….

  2. Chronometria Chronometria May 13, 2011

    Well, in testing the items i found that one is bugged. The womens polar bear club bathing costume skirt is set to be worn on the arm and isnt aligned to be worn round the waist. This definitely needs a fix as adjusting the item with edit is only temporary and doesnt fit well.

    As to items that are needed, i cant think of any. I was very happy with range of items.

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