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Anomalies in the Fells

Dr. Falcon’s remains were scheduled for destruction Sunday afternoon, and as expected no one was pleased with this development.  Unit 6 had been resigned and accepted his own fate, but went rogue discovering the intent for Dr. Falcon.  He’d stolen pieces of his friend and hidden them carefully through the facility while searching for more signs of the apparition.  

 The old clockwork had several documented incidents exhibiting irrational behaviors like these. When the Professor arrived to officially dismantle him, Unit 6 had departed for the lower tunnels hunting for ‘Dr. Falcon’s spirit’.

Quinn was now in correspondence with Dr. Westbridge at Aquila III.  He had worked with Unit 6 directly while Doctor Falcon was absent and could perhaps talk sense into the construct.   Westbridge agreed to assist on the condition that Unit 6 was not melted down, but brought to Aquila III under his authority.

Quinn agreed to the request, and wished Westbridge the best with his own five month evaluation.  The Professor had heard growing concerns about the deadly spider infestation on his island home, but Westbridge himself defended his decision and newest inhabitants.  Westbridge assured him that he would not be losing Aquila III nor Unit 6 to Dean Thorne playing at ‘politics’.

He left Mr. Pendle to his work and was reading over the letter again when he received another report of a massive and stable anomaly located in the Fells.  He sent out a group of clockworks to investigate the phenomena, but they never returned.  The few reports he had suggested that they came under attack and were broken apart.  

Reluctantly, he filed a report to the militia and hoped that their investigation was more successful. 

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