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Annual Midwinter Dash @ 12 Noon (time change)

Celebrate the mid-winter solstice* with a chilling dash through the streets of New Babbage.  Once a year, Babbagers warm themselves at one of our bathing establishments before racing through the snow, clad only in bathing gear, towels, and hopefully a sturdy pair of boots. This year we plan to erect a sturdy wooden sauna and giant Yule Goat at Quarry Hill, before running an extended lap via the Turkish Bath in Babbage Square and the sauna at Brunel Hall .

Those willing to brave the winter chill should gather at 12 Noon SL time at the frozen lake in the Fells, prepared with their bathing dress and a strong pair of shoes! The runners will then race to the Turkish bath in Babbage Square where they will be able to revive themselves, then North to the Brunel Hall sauna, and finally back to the sauna on the ice in the Fells. The establishment takes no responsibility for accidental canal trips or snowballs to the neck experienced during the race.

Following the race, partygoers and the surviving victorious runners will be treated to the DJ-ing skills of Mr Victor Mornington, and a mid-winter’s party to celebrate the solstice. Come and see off the winter chill with good music and good company.


* this year’s solstice falls at 15:03 SLT, just after the end of the Aether Salon.

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