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An Unpleasant Incident At The Gangplank

[18:04] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening, Jimmy!
[18:04] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy awl!
[18:04] Eloise Winchester nods to Master Jimmy
[18:04] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Dr. Kristos!
[18:05] Eochai Sonnerstein: Ello, pick pocket!
[18:05] Janet Rhiadra: greetings Jimmy
[18:05] Caesar Osterham: Ahh, young Jimmy is here
[18:05] Edward Hyde: Hey, kid.
[18:05] Jimmy Branagh: Not me!  Oy’m a salaried employee!
[18:05] Eloise Winchester glances sideways at Jimmy
[18:05] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein smirks at Eo “I was about to say. I do believe Jimmy is one of the few urchins in this town I haven’t caught trying to pick pockets.”
 [18:06] Wright Davis: evenin jimmy
[18:06] Edward Hyde: Hm. Thank Mr. Dark for the kid’s employment.
[18:07] Jimmy Branagh: Naw Oy ain’t knicked no one in a long toime
[18:07] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello Mr. Wright
[18:07] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Indeed. I’d dare imagine if Jimmy had to resort to it, there’d be few equal.
[18:07] Janet Rhiadra: Mr Dark ? that sounds like someone from Dick Tracy
[18:07] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: The man that runs the museums down Abney Parkway
[18:08] Eloise Winchester: One of the few who might have some success picking the pockets of other pick-pockets, likely
[18:08] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s me boss.  An’ roight generous too.
[18:08] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles at Eloise, nodding
[18:09] Janet Rhiadra: wasn’t there a song about that….got to pick a pocket or two….
[18:09] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: He has you run errands and such, right?
[18:09] Jimmy Branagh: Roight.
[18:09] Jimmy Branagh: Deliveries an’ such
[18:09] Jimmy Branagh: Communications
[18:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Hm, come to think of it, Dr. Jekyll and I should probably see about hiring a steady messenger runner at the hospital.
[18:10] Samantha Linnaeus looks curious, “Can someone tell me where Abney Parkway might be?”
[18:10] Edward Hyde: … What, and I’m not doing my job?
[18:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: You’re right next to it
[18:11] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein smirks at Hyde “You want to be the one to run and fetch one of us when there’s an emergency?”
[18:11] Wright Davis: technically, yes, but actually abney ends at the clockwork kraken.
[18:11] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: There’s a difference between a personal assistant to Dr. Jekyll and a general message runner for the entire hospital.
[18:11] Samantha Linnaeus looks surprised, “This waterfront street?”
[18:12] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Yes
[18:12] Edward Hyde: …Oh.
[18:12] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: It runs all the way across town into the Gut
[18:12] Edward Hyde: Good point.
 [18:12] Eloise Winchester: Heading west from here, it begins at the end of the docklands
[18:12] Samantha Linnaeus nods, but then looks confused again, “The Gut?”
[18:12] Jimmy Branagh: Ifn yer lookin’ faw th’ museum, turn roight out th’ door and walk straight ahead.  You’ll run into them near th’ train station
[18:13] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Hm, what’s this length of it called then? For some reason I always thought of it as a continuation of Abney Parkway
[18:13] Eloise Winchester: Prince Dakkar Blvd
 [18:14] Janet Rhiadra: who is Prince Dakkar?
[18:14] Eloise Winchester: Captain Nemo
[18:15] Janet Rhiadra: interesting
[18:15] Edward Hyde: Heh.
[18:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Oh yes. I always forget…
[18:16] Samantha Linnaeus looks surprised, “The captain of the submersible?”
 [18:16] Edward Hyde: Nemo would be thrilled that he has a bleeding street named after him.
[18:17] Eloise Winchester: Bleeding street is the correct expression. Blood deposits are found in the Trolley’s path continuously along here.
[18:17] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: It’s probably that damned overhang across the street.
[18:17] Eloise Winchester: That has caught a few.
[18:17] Edward Hyde: Heh. The one that has “Sit” scrawled on it?
[18:17] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Yes
 [18:18] Samantha Linnaeus: Samantha persists, “But this Nemo chap is or was the captain of a submersible?”
[18:19] Edward Hyde: I always found that sign amusing.
 [18:19] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein reaches over to Jimmy and gives his head a twist
 [18:19] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Doctor!
[18:19] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein pats his back “Certainly”
[18:19] Eloise Winchester: Yes, evidently
 [18:20] Janet Rhiadra: smiles through her green haze
[18:20] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: A chiropractor would sure be well employed in this town…
[18:20] Eochai Sonnerstein: Maybe I can do that? Being as Tenk won’t allow me to open my abortion clinic.
 [18:21] Samantha Linnaeus: “Is there a psychiatrist in residence in the city?”
[18:21] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Several
 [18:22] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Three for certain at the asylum and one in absence for a while.
 [18:22] Samantha Linnaeus nods and starts to say something and then changes her mind.
[18:23] Fly Copperfield: Hoy everyone!
[18:23] Brand looks around.
[18:23] Fly Copperfield: Come in Brand, don’t be shy.
[18:23] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Floy!
[18:23] Edward Hyde: Yeah….
[18:23] Eloise Winchester nods to the incoming visitors.
[18:23] Edward Hyde: Dunno where Maddox went to.
[18:23] Fly Copperfield: Filthy yourself!!!
[18:23] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening.
[18:24] Edward Hyde: Yelling at urchins again? How are you not disturbing the things in the catacombs with your screaming?
 [18:24] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles “Love, one of these days you’re going to get yourself mugged and smeared with mud.”
[18:24] Eochai Sonnerstein hums “My hat it has three corners”
[18:24] Eochai Sonnerstein: What makes you think that’s not already happened?
 [18:24] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein laughs
[18:23] Fly Copperfield: Hey Jimmy!
[18:23] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Floy!
[18:23] Jimmy Branagh: oo’s yer friend?
[18:23] Fly Copperfield: Meet Brand, my new pal, I found him in the Port.
[18:24] Fly Copperfield: Come sit Brand.
[18:24] Wright Davis: lookit what we got here, a couple of pirates.
[18:24] Fly Copperfield: yes, we’re more than often stranded here…
[18:24] Fly Copperfield: The seas are treacherous.
[18:24] Jimmy Branagh: So’s th’ beer here!
[18:24] Jimmy Branagh laughs
[18:25] Fly Copperfield: Is it then?
[18:25] Janet Rhiadra: I found some absinthe.
 [18:25] Lady Moldylocks: Hello All.
[18:25] Brand chugs his beer.
[18:25] Fly Copperfield: Hoy Lady!
[18:25] Lady Moldylocks: Can’t stay but have some good news.
[18:25] Lady Moldylocks: HE SAID YES
[18:25] Janet Rhiadra: yayyyyy
[18:25] Eochai Sonnerstein: Dammit.. Alright
[18:26] Janet Rhiadra: congratulations
[18:26] Jimmy Branagh: Oo said yes?
[18:26] Fly Copperfield: You proposed Mister Underby?
[18:26] Lady Moldylocks: Tenk
[18:26] Fly Copperfield: Oh Tenk
[18:26] Edward Hyde: Welcome back.
[18:26] Fly Copperfield: Wow Tenk?
[18:26] Lady Moldylocks: nods
[18:26] Eloise Winchester might be supportive depending on what the question was
[18:26] Janet Rhiadra: now she is marrying Tenk…lol
[18:26] Jimmy Branagh: Wot did ee say yes about?
[18:26] Lady Moldylocks: haha no
[18:26] Edward Hyde: Pfft.
[18:26] Eochai Sonnerstein vomits in his mouth a little at the thought…
[18:26] Eloise Winchester looks relieved
[18:26] Edward Hyde: He likes the building?
[18:26] Lady Moldylocks: He okay’d my build
 [18:26] Edward Hyde: He likes the building. GOOD.
[18:26] Wright Davis: ah
[18:26] Lady Moldylocks: Well… he didnt say he liked it.
[18:26] Brand shrugs and drinks
[18:26] Janet Rhiadra: hurrah
[18:27] Edward Hyde: Close enough.
[18:27] Lady Moldylocks: But he said, let me put in a better corner sidewalk over here
[18:27] Lady Moldylocks: haha
 [18:27] Janet Rhiadra: builds are made to be altered
[18:27] Eochai Sonnerstein: You must have payed well in advance.
[18:27] Lady Moldylocks: I  wasn’t going to press my luck.
[18:27] Wright Davis: Always a good day when the architectural drawings are approved and all the permits are signed an issued!
 [18:27] Wright Davis raises a glass.
[18:28] Lady Moldylocks: Thank you, thank you.
[18:28] Lady Moldylocks: Now to resurrect the Loony Bin to its former, two week old glory.
 [18:28] Fly Copperfield: Is that the establishment that got approved?
[18:28] Lady Moldylocks: Yes
[18:28] Edward Hyde: Hope it stays longer.
[18:28] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles “Congratulations, Lady Moldy”
[18:28] Lady Moldylocks: ignoring Hyde
[18:29] Edward Hyde: We have enough issues with Mornington rebuilding all the time.
 [18:29] Lady Moldylocks: My apologies, but I must dash.  Just wanted to let some of those who were in here earlier to know the outcome.
[18:29] Lady Moldylocks: G’nite!
[18:30] Wright Davis: night moldy
[18:30] Eloise Winchester: Take care, Lady M
[18:30] Janet Rhiadra: nini Lady M
[18:30] Fly Copperfield: Enjoy Lady!
[18:30] Jimmy Branagh: Byee Lady Moldylocks!
[18:30] Edward Hyde: Night Moldy.
 [18:30] Edward Hyde: And she’s off.
 [18:30] Samantha Linnaeus looks thoughtful and then addresses Hyde, “So I was not hallucinating — the hotel bar is remodeled from time to time?”
[18:31] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Very often, actually.
[18:31] Eloise Winchester: More or less continuously
[18:27] Brand: Get a drink, Fly!
[18:27] Fly Copperfield: I see you’re learning the ways around here young Brand.
[18:28] Brand: I know how ta drink from life on the sea.
[18:29] Wright Davis: I know how to drink from a lifetime spent hanging around in saloons, reckon i wasn’t much older than Jimmy when I started challenging Union soldiers to drinking contests.
[18:31] Fly Copperfield: We should have drinking contests
[18:31] Eochai Sonnerstein: The urchins would win!
[18:31] Jimmy Branagh: Oy’d win
[18:31] Fly Copperfield: betting money and all
 [18:31] Jimmy Branagh grins
 [18:31] Wright Davis remembers the last time we had a drinking contest in the gangplank “Let’s not”
[18:31] Wright Davis: “after last time.”
[18:31] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Hm?
[18:32] Edward Hyde: I swear, the barkeep put something in the drinks.
[18:32] Fly Copperfield: What happened last time?
[18:32] Jimmy Branagh waits to hear
[18:32] Wright Davis: one of the ladies got slipped a mickey by the bartender
[18:32] Edward Hyde: Barkeep challenged this girl to a drinking contest. She passed out after one drink.
 [18:32] Janet Rhiadra: is that called a Mickey
[18:33] Door: Polly Ellsmere is at the door.
[18:33] Janet Rhiadra: such bad manners
[18:33] Fly Copperfield: What’s a Mickey?
[18:33] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Polly!
[18:33] Eloise Winchester nods to Polly
[18:33] Fly Copperfield: Hoy hoy Miss Polly!
[18:33] Janet Rhiadra: probably something like opium
[18:33] Eochai Sonnerstein: EGAD! some fashion of thing!
[18:33] Wright Davis: or laudinum
[18:34] Polly: hoy Master Jimmy, Miss Winchester, Master Fly
[18:34] Polly: ‘ello Babbagers
[18:34] Edward Hyde: Oh, look. The meerkat is back.
[18:34] Fly Copperfield: Brand, this is Miss Polly, she’s well known in town
[18:34] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening, Polly
[18:34] Brand: Hello Miss Polly
[18:35] Brand: Nice to meet you
[18:35] Polly: good evening dr. Sonnerstein
[18:35] Janet Rhiadra: greetings Polly
[18:36] Polly: ‘ello Miss Janet
 [18:35] Fly Copperfield: Those beer glasses are too small
[18:35] Jimmy Branagh: Yes
[18:35] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein smirks
 [18:36] Jimmy Branagh: Need tankards
[18:36] Fly Copperfield: Yes at least
[18:36] Jimmy Branagh: Oy keep tellin’ em
[18:36] Eloise Winchester: More room for water that way, Jimmy
[18:36] Jimmy Branagh nods
[18:36] Polly: pleased to meetcha ….
[18:36] Polly peers through the gloom ….
[18:36] Polly: is it Miss Brand or Master Brand?
[18:37] Eloise Winchester: Miss, Polly
[18:37] Brand: Huh?
[18:37] Fly Copperfield: Master
[18:37] Brand: Master of course, Madam! I’m a seaman!
[18:37] Fly Copperfield: well you were
[18:37] Brand: Yes
[18:37] Brand: Presently grounded
[18:38] Fly Copperfield: but don’t worry, we’ll get a new ship
[18:37] Eloise Winchester looks in her glass and sniffs it
[18:37] Polly: no point tryin to confuse me – it’s me natural state :P
[18:37] Samantha Linnaeus: Samantha decides she is toasted and takes a seat at the bar
[18:37] Door: Brother Malus is at the door.
[18:37] Wright Davis: speak of the devil, and he shall appear
[18:37] Eloise Winchester waves to the Squire
[18:37] Edward Hyde: You took our sweet time getting here, Malus!
 [18:37] Squire Malus: Who is drinking?
 [18:38] Janet Rhiadra: hello Squire Malus
 [18:38] Eochai Sonnerstein: We already helped ourselves. Free of charge being as no one was here.
[18:38] Fly Copperfield: Oh we’ve got a bartender, just when I had finished my beer!
 [18:39] Eloise Winchester: I’ll have one less ‘whiskey,’ please. That should be about right.
[18:39] Fly Copperfield: That’s free drinks for all today isn’t it?
[18:39] Squire Malus: It is not.
[18:39] Fly Copperfield: Dang…
[18:39] Eloise Winchester nods in thanks to the Squire
[18:39] Squire Malus: Do you want us to close, permanently?
[18:40] Brand laughs
[18:40] Polly: I usually consider it byo here …
[18:40] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening, Malus
[18:40] Fly Copperfield: No, there should be more bars, not less
[18:40] Squire Malus: That’s what will happen if I give away drinks like Sir Sir does.
[18:40] Polly: safer
[18:40] Edward Hyde: Speaking of… Ever fixed up the cellar?
 [18:40] Squire Malus: There’s nothing wrong with the cellar.
[18:41] Wright Davis: I heard it caved in, literally, i heard it while walking by
[18:41] Samantha Linnaeus smiles, accepts the glass, and then slips two silver coins onto the bar
 [18:41] Edward Hyde: Yeah there is, the urchins pulled out too many bricks I hear.
 [18:41] Polly: then I shall risk a rum
[18:40] Door: slimdoe Resident is at the door.
 [18:40] Fly Copperfield: Hoy Sir!
[18:41] Eloise Winchester nods to Mr Nyx
[18:41] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello sir!
 [18:41] Mr. Nyx: Good evening all.
[18:41] Janet Rhiadra: greetings
[18:41] Squire Malus: Hello. Beer?
[18:41] Mr. Nyx: Yes. Something dark please.
[18:41] Edward Hyde: … Who the hell are you?
[18:42] Eloise Winchester: Mr Hyde, you might know, being from the same place
[18:41] Fly Copperfield whispers to Brand: “See the new block who walked in? Fancy clothes eh? Know how to nick a pocketwatch or two?”
[18:43] Brand whispers: course
[18:42] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening…
[18:42] Squire Malus: Are you new in town?
[18:42] Mr. Nyx: Indeed I am. Just this very evening.
[18:43] Fly Copperfield whispers : “Look, he’s new too! Perfect target”
[18:43] Brand whispers: Mmmhmm
[18:42] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein tilts his head a moment
[18:44] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: I wouldn’t target him if I were you…
[18:44] Fly Copperfield stands up and then stops, startled.
[18:44] Brand raises and eyebrow.
[18:43] Squire Malus: Business or pleasure?
 [18:43] Mr. Nyx: Both.
 [18:44] Squire Malus: Well, why not.
 [18:44] Squire Malus: Which comes first?
 [18:44] Edward Hyde glares at the man wearily….
 [18:44] Door: Emerson Lighthouse is at the door.
[18:44] Edward Hyde: Oi, Emmerson.
[18:44] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Good evening, Emerson!
[18:44] Squire Malus: Evening Sir Sir
[18:44] Emerson Lighthouse: Hey Evrybody!
[18:44] Squire Malus slides a fresh pint down the bar
[18:44] Fly Copperfield walks to the bar to grab his new beer.
[18:45] Fly Copperfield: Thanks Bartender!
[18:44] Emerson Lighthouse waves
 [18:45] Janet Rhiadra: good night everyone
[18:45] Wright Davis: Mr Lighthouse
[18:45] Eloise Winchester nods to Mr Lighthouse
 [18:45] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. Emerson!
[18:45] Edward Hyde: … Sir Sir? What’s this Sir Sir business?
[18:45] Squire Malus winks
[18:45] Squire Malus: Just humor him.
[18:45] Mr. Nyx: He is twice knighted, obviously.
[18:45] Emerson Lighthouse: what what Hyde?
 [18:45] Emerson Lighthouse: indeed
 [18:46] Emerson Lighthouse: twice knighted thrice retired – or something like that
[18:46] Edward Hyde scowls and rolls his eyes. “Well, that’s rather interesting, Sir Redundancy. Anything else you came up with on your journeys?”
[18:45] Fly Copperfield: Sir Sir Emerson, you look dashing today.
[18:46] Eochai Sonnerstein: Dashing is the new word for “terrible”
[18:46] Emerson Lighthouse: thank you — free drinks for Fly
[18:46] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles, giving Eochai’s foot a thump
[18:46] Squire Malus rolls his eyes
 [18:46] Fly Copperfield: Awwww thanks, you’re a Lord!
 [18:47] Brand: Gaw …!
[18:47] Brand ‘s jaw drops
[18:47] Fly Copperfield winks at Brand
[18:47] Fly Copperfield grins at the Squire : “Heard that? Free drinks for me.”
[18:47] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles
[18:47] Squire Malus: I heard.
[18:47] Squire Malus: Brat…
[18:48] Fly Copperfield chuckles
[18:47] Emerson Lighthouse: Squire, do you still work here? I hardly ever see you
 [18:48] Eochai Sonnerstein: He was an hour late
[18:48] Edward Hyde: Try bribing him to come an hour early.
[18:48] Squire Malus: And I hardly ever see you. I’ve been scheduling myself less so I can get all the errands done, since you don’t do them.
[18:48] Edward Hyde: People like getting paid for their work.
 [18:48] Mr. Nyx sits down across from Brand
[18:48] Fly Copperfield notices the newcomer took his seat while he was away
[18:48] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Pay is good incentive for work.
[18:48] Edward Hyde: Duh.
[18:48] Emerson Lighthouse: I find errands tend to take care of themselves
 [18:49] Squire Malus: No, *I* take care of them.
[18:49] Squire Malus: Because they don’t take care of themselves.
[18:49] Emerson Lighthouse: same thing
 [18:49] Edward Hyde snickers.
[18:49] Fly Copperfield: Sounds like a boring job.
 [18:50] Fly Copperfield: I was going to ask the amazing Sir Sir if I could replace you at the bar but I may not in the end.
[18:50] Fly Copperfield: Rather have free drinks
[18:50] Squire Malus: You would drink yourself dead, kid.
[18:50] Mr. Nyx: Are you a pirate of some sort?
[18:50] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein tilts his head at Mr. Nyx, trying to keep his ears still
[18:50] Fly Copperfield: We both are pirates, not from the same ship though, Sir.
[18:51] Fly Copperfield: Hard life, ships sink, we get stranded
[18:51] Mr. Nyx: I see.
 [18:51] Samantha Linnaeus tries to get Hyde’s attention, “Will there be fencing practice this evening? Or can I have another beer?”
 [18:51] Edward Hyde: No clue.
[18:51] Samantha Linnaeus nods
[18:52] Samantha Linnaeus: …and decides on a second beer
[18:51] Emerson Lighthouse: I like pirates
[18:51] Fly Copperfield: You’ve got good taste Sir Sir!
[18:51] Emerson Lighthouse: some of my best friends are pirates
[18:51] Emerson Lighthouse: the good kind though
 [18:51] Emerson Lighthouse: not the kind with scurvy
[18:51] Edward Hyde: There are good pirates, Sir Redundant?
[18:51] Fly Copperfield: Where do you come from Sir? Never seen you around before.
[18:51] Mr. Nyx: I’m rather a pirate myself.
[18:52] Fly Copperfield: Oh really!
 [18:52] Mr. Nyx: Indeed.
[18:52] Mr. Nyx: I steal people though, not rum.
[18:53] Polly: darnit I swallered the mug again!
[18:53] Polly coughs
[18:53] Polly: and by the way, I ordered rum not beer
[18:52] Edward Hyde: Greaaat. Another kidnapper.
[18:53] Eochai Sonnerstein: You can take Any of the kids but mine.
[18:56] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers to Eochai “You don’t go saying something like that to a stranger. Some take it as a promise or permission.”
 [18:52] Squire Malus: I thought he was paying you to dress up like pirates for the sake of “atmosphere”
[18:52] Fly Copperfield turns to the bar : “Who, me?”
 [18:52] Brand wakes up
[18:52] Brand: We’re gettin’ paid?
[18:52] Squire Malus: If you’re a real pirate, tell us all the ports you have been to.
[18:53] Fly Copperfield: If you’re a real bartender, tell us all the bars you’ve tended.
 [18:53] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein chuckles
 [18:53] Emerson Lighthouse: the Squire’s so suspicious
[18:53] Emerson Lighthouse: comes with being a glass-half-empty sort
[18:53] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
 [18:53] Squire Malus: This is all the bar I need.
[18:53] Squire Malus: Because it is the BEST one.
 [18:53] Fly Copperfield: Now you’re trying to get yourself free drinks!
[18:54] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein purses his lips, elbowing his husband in the ribs
[18:54] Eochai Sonnerstein: WHAT!!?!
[18:54] Edward Hyde raises an eyebrow at Dr. S.
[18:54] Emerson Lighthouse: cheers, Squire
[18:54] Squire Malus: Cheers
[18:54] Fly Copperfield: Sorry for the interruption, you were saying you were stealing.. people?
[18:55] Mr. Nyx: I said no such thing.
[18:55] Emerson Lighthouse shivers
[18:55] Fly Copperfield raises an eyebrow and turns to Brand
[18:55] Polly: Shanghaiers!
[18:55] Wright Davis: Relax, If anyone goes missing, my services are available to track them.
 [18:55] Squire Malus sneers
[18:55] Fly Copperfield: Must be the beer…
[18:55] Mr. Nyx: However, people disappear every day.
 [18:55] Fly Copperfield: Thanks for the beer Malus!
[18:56] Squire Malus: You got that right.
[18:56] Edward Hyde: We already had one lady kidnapped by a creep during the trivia contest, if the urchins aren’t making it up.
[18:56] Mr. Nyx: Is that so.
[18:56] Squire Malus: Kidnapped?
[18:56] Fly Copperfield: who kidnapped her?
[18:57] Squire Malus listens nonchalantly as he can
[18:57] Fly Copperfield glances suspiciously at the man sitting across Brand
[18:57] Wright Davis: Right in the middle of a crowded party?
[18:57] Jimmy Branagh: Oy ‘eard it wos thet Creaky fellow
[18:57] Samantha Linnaeus listens and frowns
[18:57] Emerson Lighthouse: wasn’t anyone packing a weapon?
[18:57] Emerson Lighthouse: not that I do
[18:57] Edward Hyde: Apparently some creep called the Creaky Gloom? You were there, Eochai, explain.
[18:57] Squire Malus: What, they were all so drunk they just let him?
 [18:57] Jimmy Branagh: ‘Ave you ever seen Gloom, Squire?
 [18:58] Fly Copperfield: He’s the one who eats kids?
[18:58] Jimmy Branagh nods
[18:58] Edward Hyde: So they say.
[18:58] Squire Malus: Can’t say that I have. Isn’t he just a bogeyman story?
[18:58] Mr. Nyx: How curious.
[18:58] Eochai Sonnerstein: He kidnapped some girl last week… Though I hear she was scrawny.
[18:58] Polly: eeps what was her name?
[18:58] Eochai Sonnerstein: Like I care.
[18:58] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Hear? You were there, weren’t you, Eochai?
[18:59] Eochai Sonnerstein: PIFf.. no
[18:59] Eochai Sonnerstein: I don;t go anywhere NEAR the Asylum
[18:59] Eochai Sonnerstein: Ya crazy?
[18:59] Polly: prolly no one I know – most of the little girls I’ve met here are kidnap-proof
[18:59] Fly Copperfield glances nervously at the newcomer
[18:59] Mr. Nyx: Asylum, noted.
[18:59] Brand whispers: This place sounds like a real nuthouse
[18:59] Mr. Nyx: I must be off, all.  Have a very very good evening.
[18:59] Edward Hyde: I think Jekyll was there for a while. Left before Gloom came along. He said the lady was from Caledon.
[18:59] Polly: g’bye Mister
[18:59] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: You too..
[18:59] Fly Copperfield: What’s your name Sir, before you leave?
 [19:00] Emerson Lighthouse waves to Mr. Nyx
[19:00] Mr. Nyx: For one never knows, it may well be your last.
[19:00] Jimmy Branagh: Evenin’ sir
[19:00] Mr. Nyx: My name is Nyx.
[19:00] Wright Davis: Like I said, if anyone you know goes missing, you come see me, I’ll find em.
[19:00] Fly Copperfield nods
[19:00] Edward Hyde: …Nyx?
[19:00] Brand waves weakly
[19:00] Fly Copperfield: Evening Mister Nyx
[19:00] Edward Hyde eyes Nyx as he heads out.
[19:00] Door: slimdoe Resident is at the door.
[19:00] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: He doesn’t smell right…
[19:01] Eochai Sonnerstein: Smell? You see those eyes? Worse drugs than what I’m on, I bet!
[19:01] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein smirks at Eochai “Of course I didn’t. But I sure could sense something off from them…”
[19:00] Polly: barkeep! Gin toddies! Large measures! No skimping if you please.
[19:00] Fly Copperfield whispers to Brand : “I’m gonna follow him, you stay here with Jimmy”
[19:01] Brand: Allright
[19:01] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: I wouldn’t if I were you
 [19:01] Wright Davis: He was spookier than a mine full of bats in an old burial ground
[19:01] Fly Copperfield: Thanks for the free beers! Gotta dash!
[19:01] Door: Fly Copperfield is at the door.
 [19:01] Jimmy Branagh burps and looks around
 [19:01] Polly: excuse you!
 [19:01] Edward Hyde whispers: Wright, you better go to the Asylum and warn the staff. I get the feeling that Nyx character’s gonna steal a couple of inmates.
[19:02] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
[19:02] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Hope that’s not the last we see of that boy.
[19:02] Wright Davis shouts: Why do you say that my hyde?
[19:03] Edward Hyde whispers: Didn’t he show interest in the Asylum and abruptly leave?
[19:03] Polly: woot! Beer! with a gin chaser!
[19:03] Polly: hic
[19:04] Samantha Linnaeus finishes her second beer, rises from the stool, and goes to stand by the fire
[19:04] Wright Davis whispers: Relax, the place is locked tight, the security measures from the last few months are still mostly in place, plus the considerable effort Canergak put into security already.
[19:05] Jimmy Branagh chuckles at the idea of locks
[19:05] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein turns his head towards Wright and Hyde
[19:05] Edward Hyde whispers: Trust me, mate. It’s better that they know about him.
[19:05] Squire Malus: You haven’t got anyone new there lately, have you?
[19:06] Squire Malus: About my height, kind of pale?
[19:05] Polly: Babbage security is a contradiction in terms
[19:05] Edward Hyde: Oh, right.
 [19:06] Edward Hyde: This bloke called Dr. Green is working the first floor now.
[19:06] Edward Hyde: Charming fellow. A bit naive though.
[19:06] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks Squire!
[19:06] Squire Malus: Just get out the door before you chum it.
[19:07] Jimmy Branagh: Eh?
[19:07] Squire Malus sneers
[19:07] Eochai Sonnerstein: Naive? How so?
[19:07] Squire Malus: So any new inmates at the asylum lately?
[19:07] Edward Hyde: Besides Mr. Eliot turning himself in?
[19:08] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein frowns, rubbing at his nose
 [19:08] Squire Malus: Yes, besides him.
 [19:09] Brand drinks and starts to slouch
[19:09] Emerson Lighthouse: He’s a bartender, it’s his job to be nosey
[19:09] Wright Davis: We did take in a few from the bear’s gang, those that survived that madness.
[19:09] Squire Malus: Bears Gang?
[19:10] Edward Hyde: A gang of artificial were creatures.
[19:10] Squire Malus: Don’t tell me they were bears.
[19:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Only one of them
 [19:10] Squire Malus: What did the rest look like?
[19:10] Edward Hyde: All sorts of animals.
[19:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Wolves, a fox, a cougar I believe…
 [19:10] Jimmy Branagh: Where bears?
[19:10] Squire Malus: Oh.
[19:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: And then the scientist that made them
[19:10] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: German, wasn’t he?
[19:11] Edward Hyde: … Hey Wright, any luck getting information from the quack?
[19:11] Squire Malus: No, that doesn’t sound like anyone I would know.
[19:11] Emerson Lighthouse: It was a hairy bear/It was a scary bear
[19:11] Wright Davis: He’s been moved to a proper Prison for now.
[19:11] Eochai Sonnerstein: How come no one ever made a weargoat.. or a wearbadger…?
[19:11] Wright Davis: “No, He’s been catatonic since brought in, and I don’t like that one bit.”
[19:11] Polly: or a weremeerkat?
[19:11] Squire Malus: Shouldn’t you be asking WHY would anyone make a were goat or a werebadger?
[19:12] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Lost someone, Malus?
[19:12] Emerson Lighthouse: A werebadger would be cool, you have to admit
[19:12] Squire Malus: No. Just asking.
[19:12] Edward Hyde: I think Vic’s the closest we’ve got to a were goat.
[19:12] Eloise Winchester: When we get to wereskunks, I’ll take a vacation
[19:13] Edward Hyde snickers.
[19:13] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein grimaces “Me too..”
[19:13] Eochai Sonnerstein: Kristos.. TO THE LAB!
[19:13] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: No!
[19:13] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: We are not making wereskunks!
[19:13] Samantha Linnaeus looks thoughtful, “I used to have nightmares about were-flamingos.”
[19:13] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
[19:13] Eochai Sonnerstein: Why not?!
[19:13] Eochai Sonnerstein: LET ME PLAY GOD, DAMMIT!
[19:13] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Because my nose couldn’t take it!
[19:13] Wright Davis: I applaud your ethics doctor
[19:14] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein’s ears twitch
[19:14] Emerson Lighthouse: I’ll bet there’s a market for wereskunk
[19:14] Eochai Sonnerstein: Werepanda?
[19:14] Polly: I think it’s more a case of aesthetics than ethics
[19:14] Emerson Lighthouse: I’d try some
[19:14] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein straightens up, turning his head about towards the front of the building
 [19:14] Edward Hyde sneers. “You don’t want to play god, Eochai. You’ll regret it for life.”
[19:14] Squire Malus: I would wear a panda
[19:15] Emerson Lighthouse: that’s why you are on Santa’s naughty list
[19:15] Wright Davis: anyone else hear whimpering?
[19:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein hisses to Brand and Jimmy under his breath “You might want to hide…”
[19:15] Jimmy Branagh: Ere wot?
[19:15] Jimmy Branagh: What about Mr. Hyde?
[19:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Creaky Gloom… I hear him. I smell him…
[19:15] Door: Creaky Gloom is at the door.
[19:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: He’s…
[19:15] Jimmy Branagh: Uh-Oh…
[19:16] Eochai Sonnerstein: Oh… It’s HIM!
[19:16] Creaky Gloom scans the room and grins : “Good evening.”
[19:16] Samantha Linnaeus looks up and nods
[19:16] Squire Malus: Get out of here. Halloween is over.
[19:16] Brand ‘s jaw drops
[19:16] Edward Hyde tenses up.
[19:16] Polly: eeps did that poor gent fall in a canal?
[19:16] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein frowns
[19:16] Creaky Gloom stares at the bartender, his eyes glowing
[19:16] Squire Malus: If you aren’t drinking, then leave.
[19:17] Creaky Gloom: Do not be afraid, I will take something.
[19:16] Wright Davis reaches into his coat pocket. “So this is Gloom.”
[19:16] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein nods to Wright
[19:16] Eochai Sonnerstein: That’d be him!
[19:17] Jimmy Branagh whispers: Ya can’t hurt ‘im.  Trust me.
 [19:17] Edward Hyde shoves his drink on the bar. He reaches down to his boot and growls as he finds he left his knife at home.
[19:17] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: Not by normal means at least…
[19:17] Polly: wot’s he got in his sack? It’s moving
[19:17] Creaky Gloom: Cosy place you have here.
[19:17] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: Children, Polly…
[19:17] Brand stares
[19:17] Eochai Sonnerstein: Guns are useless.. Now a iron rainroad spike… That maybe!
[19:18] Squire Malus: Are you going to order or are you going to leave?
[19:18] Creaky Gloom: I am going to leave… Soon.
[19:18] Creaky Gloom shakes the bag he is carrying to shush the cries
[19:18] Edward Hyde glares at the bag and its carrier.
 [19:18] Samantha Linnaeus blinks as the man with the pulsing bag passes
[19:18] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: What are you doing about, bogeyman?
 [19:19] Creaky Gloom stares at the blond boy, visibly salivating.
[19:18] Wright Davis slowly draws his pistol. Leave him be.
 [19:19] Jimmy Branagh palms his switchblade. “Ya better not, Gloom.  There would be. .. consequences. Don’t even think about it.”
[19:19] Edward Hyde whispers: …The hell is that kid going on about?
[19:20] Wright Davis has his pistol drawn and at the ready. “I will blow your hand apart if it so much as touches that boy.”
[19:19] Squire Malus: You’re going to leave, now.
[19:18] Door: Petraliza Resident is at the door.
[19:19] Petra Flax: Evening, sir– CRIPES!
[19:19] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: Bad timing, Petra…
[19:19] Creaky Gloom turns to face the newcomer and grins heavily
 [19:19] Creaky Gloom: Why hello there.
 [19:19] Emerson Lighthouse: Squire, maybe this would be a good time for you to give me my gun back
 [19:19] Squire Malus grabs the cricket bat
 [19:19] Squire Malus: Go on. Freak.
[19:20] Squire Malus: We don’t serve your kind in here.
[19:20] Petra Flax: Had ta be the night I left Mr Lightninghouse at home… dang it
 [19:20] Brand stands and backs up
[19:20] Creaky Gloom’s eyes wander around the room, oblivious of all the petty talk
[19:20] Emerson Lighthouse: Petra, you forgot the bat?
[19:20] Squire Malus winds up the cricket bat and takes aim
[19:21] Petra Flax: I’m security here, and I … *swallows*
[19:21] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein whispers: That might not be any smarter than shooting…
[19:21] Creaky Gloom’s eyes focus on the kid in the pirate hat and his smile enlarges.
[19:21] Brand shrinks back
[19:21] Wright Davis puts himself between Gloom and the children and growls at the man.
[19:21] Squire Malus swings at the man with the bag.
[19:21] Emerson Lighthouse: don’t hit the bag
[19:22] Squire Malus: I said, get out!
[19:22] Squire Malus: This is my bar.
[19:22] Emerson Lighthouse: hey, who’s bar?
[19:22] Creaky Gloom raises his pickaxe
 [19:22] Petra Flax: Squire! Watch out!
[19:22] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Malus, watch yourself!
[19:22] Squire Malus readies the bat again
[19:21] Eochai Sonnerstein: Told y’all.. IRON RAILROAD SPIKE!
 [19:21] Petra Flax: Get behind me kid
 [19:22] Brand peers around Mr. Wright
 [19:22] Creaky Gloom: I will get out when I decide so. Stop your useless attempts if you do not wish to get hurt.
[19:22] Petra Flax: That bag’s movin!!
[19:22] Emerson Lighthouse points to the big desk
[19:22] Squire Malus: Emerson if you are really a knight now would be a good time to show it!
 [19:23] Edward Hyde mumbles under his breath. He jumps off the stool, taking the old lantern with him for want of a better weapon, all while keeping his eyes on the Gloom.
[19:23] Polly whispers now is not the time to quibble Mr Emerson
[19:23] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Indeed
[19:23] Wright Davis grins alost malevolently “If it’s a fight you’re looking for, then I’m right here.”
[19:23] Creaky Gloom turns back to face the three kids in the room.
 [19:23] Emerson Lighthouse: I need my lance
[19:23] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: You’re not taking any of the children here tonight, Mr. Gloom…
[19:24] Door: Garnet Psaltery is at the door.
[19:24] Eochai Sonnerstein: He can have Nathaniel!
[19:24] Emerson Lighthouse: are adults safe?
[19:24] Creaky Gloom laughs out loud, shaking his bag
[19:24] Petra Flax: Where is it sir? I can fetch it.
[19:24] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
[19:24] Creaky Gloom glances at the blond boy and then turns away, visibly upset
[19:24] Edward Hyde frowns.
[19:24] Garnet Psaltery: Good evening
 [19:24] Squire Malus: No it isn’t. Freakshow here thinks it is still halloween.
[19:24] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: I dare say we have to worry about the pickaxe at the least, Emerson
[19:24] Petra Flax: Watch out Miss Psaltery!
[19:24] Edward Hyde: Bad time, miss?
[19:24] Samantha Linnaeus smiles at Garnet, “Good evening.”
[19:24] Polly: eeps Miss Garnet!
[19:24] Creaky Gloom takes a step forward towards the two other kids
[19:25] Brand backs up
[19:25] Wright Davis again steps directly in front of Gloom
[19:25] Wright Davis: “Over My dead Body.” he growls.
[19:25] Garnet Psaltery: What’s the matter?
[19:25] Emerson Lighthouse: We are confronting a villain
[19:25] Garnet Psaltery: Oh!
 [19:25] Emerson Lighthouse: he seems nasty
 [19:25] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Mr. Emerson, a bogeyman, more than a villain.
[19:26] Emerson Lighthouse: bogeyman’s a vilain in my nightmares
[19:25] Creaky Gloom: You want me gone?
[19:25] Squire Malus: Yes we want you gone. Do you even know what you smell like?
[19:26] Squire Malus: It’s not like you can leave the windows open this time of year.
 [19:25] Creaky Gloom grins, raises his pickaxe and steps forward : “Then give me way.”
 [19:25] Petra Flax: Yipes!
 [19:26] Polly: should one of the brave gentlement relieve him of his sack before he leaves?
[19:26] Petra Flax looks around for something to throw at the thing
[19:26] Garnet Psaltery: What is that in your sack?
[19:26] Edward Hyde whispers: … The bag’s moving…. Think she…?
[19:27] Samantha Linnaeus: “Why not set your bag down?”
[19:27] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: He’s not likely to leave his dinner behind, Ms. Samantha
[19:27] Petra Flax: We gotta cut that bag open
[19:28] Eochai Sonnerstein: You’re all idiots if ya think you can get that bag from him. Autumn court never gives up their prey
[19:28] Garnet Psaltery: I wonder if I have my scissors …
[19:28] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: It may not open from any end but the top, but it’s worth a try
[19:29] Samantha Linnaeus nods, “But the bag looks heavy — maybe he would be glad to set it down?” — pauses — ‘Autumn Court?”
[19:29] Garnet Psaltery jabs at the bag without success
[19:29] Eochai Sonnerstein hears the child scream in pain from Garnet stabbing him tho
[19:26] Squire Malus: If you’re going to have a fight, take it outside. I can’t afford new chairs.
[19:27] Emerson Lighthouse: Squire, we can always find chairs. There are a lot of restaurants around
[19:26] Creaky Gloom shoves Miss Psaltery and Mister Davis aside, swinging his pickaxe to scare them off
 [19:26] Garnet Psaltery: Agh!
[19:27] Polly: eeps Miss Garnet!
 [19:27] Garnet Psaltery: How rude!
[19:27] Creaky Gloom: Let me pass if you want not to be hurt.
[19:27] Wright Davis grabs the pickaxe “you really shouldn’t swing that at me
[19:27] Petra Flax: He means business!
 [19:27] Squire Malus: HEY! Outside!
[19:28] Squire Malus: Or you’re never getting served here again!
[19:28] Petra Flax: Squire, he’s already banned! Sheesh.
 [19:28] Edward Hyde gets an idea and searches the bar.
[19:30] Edward Hyde finds a knife that was recently used on.. Some kind of meat?
[19:28] Creaky Gloom raises his pickaxe, lifting Mister Davis up and sends it swinging backwards in one big motion.
 [19:28] Emerson Lighthouse: yikes – did you see that
 [19:29] Petra Flax: Yama hama
[19:29] Wright Davis holds on tight, snarling now “Now this, this is something you really don’t want to do.”
 [19:29] Petra Flax: Maybe I can lure him outside, if he wants kids
[19:29] Petra Flax: hes probably dumb enough to think I’m not an adult
[19:30] Emerson Lighthouse: wait – you’re not?
[19:30] Petra Flax: Course not… I’m a business man.
[19:29] Creaky Gloom lets his pickaxe fall to get rid of the wolf and runs towards the singled out pirate boy, grabs him and runs to the door, shoving him into his sack.
[19:29] Garnet Psaltery: Oh dear
[19:30] Door: Creaky Gloom is at the door.
[19:30] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: No!
[19:30] Petra Flax: YIPES!
 [19:30] Squire Malus: Freak
[19:30] Wright Davis chases after “AFTER HIM!”
 [19:30] Samantha Linnaeus blinks
[19:30] Eochai Sonnerstein: Oh dammit.
 [19:30] Door: Emerson Lighthouse is at the door.
[19:30] Squire Malus: At least they didn’t break anything.
 [19:31] Polly: thankees for the drinks Squire
[19:30] Jimmy Branagh sighs
[19:30] Jimmy Branagh: It’s the same as last time …
[19:31] Squire Malus: What do you mean, Jimmy?
 [19:31] Door: Nyanka Jinx is at the door.
[19:32] Jimmy Branagh: He wos ‘ere years ago
[19:32] Jimmy Branagh: Did the same thing
[19:32] Polly: he seems to act with impunity
 [19:32] Squire Malus: I hit him with all I had and he barely flinched.
[19:32] Jimmy Branagh: Ya can’t ‘urt ‘im so far as Oy know
[19:32] Edward Hyde sits at the bar and jabs the knife into the table in frustration.
[19:33] Squire Malus: Oi!
[19:33] Squire Malus: What do you think you are doing? Go to the Bucket if you want to carve your initials in the bar.
[19:33] Garnet Psaltery: What a horrible business
[19:33] Polly: did they catch him Miss Garnet?
[19:33] Garnet Psaltery: No, he vanished
 [19:33] Jimmy Branagh: Thet poor lad is done, then
[19:33] Garnet Psaltery: Have you seen him before?
[19:33] Polly: do you know who it was?
[19:34] Edward Hyde: BUGGER IT ALL.
[19:34] Jimmy Branagh: Yes, years ago
[19:34] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s returned
[19:34] Garnet Psaltery: Did he take a child then?
[19:34] Polly: looks like it
[19:34] Edward Hyde: First the girl from Caledon, now that kid…
[19:34] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh.  The’ poyrate kid
[19:34] Garnet Psaltery: Oh dear
[19:35] Garnet Psaltery: I wasn’t much help, I’m afraid
[19:35] Jimmy Branagh: Don’t fret Miss Garnet
[19:35] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s a tough bird.
 [19:35] Garnet Psaltery: he was extremely strong
[19:35] Jimmy Branagh: They couldn’t stop him last toime
[19:36] Edward Hyde: … Hey, kid. You think there’s a method to the madness?
[19:36] Squire Malus: So what happened to him last time? He get is quota and wade back into the sea or something?
[19:36] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee just left
[19:36] Polly: if ‘e’s a tough bird then II ‘opes that varmint breaks ‘is teeth on ‘im
 [19:36] Garnet Psaltery: Well said, Miss Polly
[19:36] Edward Hyde: I know, but the last time he got himself a pretty miss. Grown woman.
[19:37] Edward Hyde: Think he has a hit list or something?
[19:37] Garnet Psaltery: An adult?
[19:37] Polly: eeps
[19:37] Edward Hyde: The woman from Caledon.
[19:37] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee never took grownups before
[19:37] Squire Malus: I need to find Tobias.
[19:37] Edward Hyde: … Tobias?
[19:38] Polly: maybe she was a very small woman?
[19:38] Squire Malus: My friend. He worked here. He’s been missing.
[19:38] Edward Hyde: Ah.
[19:38] Garnet Psaltery: Ahh, he thought she was a child?
[19:38] Edward Hyde: Good luck with that.
[19:38] Edward Hyde: And from Jekyll’s description, she looked nothing like a kid.
[19:38] Polly: if he worked here he prolly just starved to death waiting for wages
[19:38] Garnet Psaltery chuckles in spite of herself
[19:38] Jimmy Branagh: Well, Oy guess Oy’m off.  Everyone be careful
[19:38] Squire Malus sneers
[19:38] Door: Petraliza Resident is at the door.
[19:39] Garnet Psaltery: Goodnight, Jimmy
[19:39] Jimmy Branagh: Noight awl
[19:39] Polly: you be careful too Master Jimmy
[19:39] Jimmy Branagh: Petra you be careful!
[19:39] Petra Flax charges up to the bar
[19:39] Squire Malus: I keep the books. We get paid one way or another, as long as Sir doesn’t find out.
[19:39] Polly: booby trap your bench when you sleep
[19:39] Garnet Psaltery: Perhaps all the children should stick together
[19:39] Jimmy Branagh: Noight gennilmin

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