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An Epiphany

Violet sat at her desk on the Olympian when she came to a startling realization, “im not making any more money from all of my less than legal activities,than from my legitimate businesses”

the Rabbit Moreau sat staring at her ledgers for a time then stood up “thats it I’m done, EVERYONE GET IN HERE NOW!”

with an almost comical rush, all of her most intimate and ranking people, all but stumbled over each other to get into the room.Omig pistol in hand shouted “whats wrong marm”

Violet looked at their expectant faces and spoke” I have come to the conclusion, that we’re making more money in Babbage through legitimate business, than through any criminal activity,

with the out pay of keeping ahead of hienrichs, all but devouring any profit we’re making out of shaking down the local street criminals, i have decided to completely drop all of our extra legal business, in favor running the Import and shipping company as our only full time endevour”

Ophelia rushed forward and hugged her Aunt ” Oh auntie im so proud of you”

Qismah leaned against a wall ” well at least it will be more quiet”

Ambrose the lawyer muttered under his breath “oh thank god”

omig quietly put away his pistol ” so what do you want us to do marm?”

Violet turned her back “omig go out and quietly pass along that no one owes me any thing any more, all debts and obligations are canceled,and every one is free to keep all of their hard earned ill gotten gains”

the wolf Moreau stared at his boss with a look caught half way between horror and disgust “marm do you really mean to go through with this?”

Violet stood quiet for a very long time

“of course not you idiots! Happy April Fools Day! now GET BACK TO WORK! “

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  1. Johnny Dawkins Johnny Dawkins April 1, 2015

    Bugger it all, you.frigging had me. I need a smoke.

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