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All Hollows Eve at Dagon Hall

We the devout and well meaning *Cough* Followers of Dagon will be holding an All Hallows mass to the elder ones. The services will be held by the Grand Master, Enoch Hauster. 

This is an open invitation to the people of New Babbage. 

The events will also allow those interested in joining the Order of Dagon a chance to get there foot in the door. 

Where? Dagon Hall on the hill in New Babbage. 

When? 6:30pm slt on Octover 31st. 

Come celebrate and pray for a new dark age with us! 

((This is an rp event and the Dagon Order is based off the works of H.P Lovecraft The Shadow over Innsmouth, and is in no way meant to reflect a rl religious order.))

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