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Air Kraken Festival Poster – Lia Bilavio

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    • Sky Melnik Sky Melnik August 11, 2011

      I figure that goes in the “fun!” category. *grins*

      • Kimika Ying Kimika Ying August 11, 2011

        And in the Food category.  (“…. where, pray, is Myrtle’s


        (( I love the poster, Lia. ))

    • Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio August 11, 2011

      That’s why we get people to shoot them down, right? So we can make fried kraken rings on a string?

      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg August 11, 2011

        Mmmmmm….fried kraken rings…..

        Beautiful art on the festival poster, Lia!  I always admire your work. :-)

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