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Aether Salon Announcement

From Miss Viv Trafalgar:
For three incredible years, the Aether Salon has celebrated the talents and ingenuity of the steampunk and victorian communities in SL, all from the heart of New Babbage, our treasured home.  We are so very proud of the quality, wit, and imagination of our 44* brilliant speakers, and our innumerable, very funny, always attentive, somewhat explosive audience members.  

After three years, the founders of the Salon have concluded that it is time for new adventures.  Therefore, it is with much sadness, and even more gratitude that Jed, Serafina, Jasper and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.  

*We hope you will join us for one final Hurrah! in August, when Dame Ordinal Malaprop returns to the stage. 

And we hope that you will give the next season of Salonistas, or however they determine to be called, the same support and attention that you have so generously shared with us and our speakers.  More information on that topic will be forthcoming from Baron Wulfenbach and his Vice Consul.

Words cannot express how much we will miss you all.  On a personal note, my co-hosts are dear friends, and I cannot envision every third Sunday without them.  You have all worked so hard.  Thank you, sincerely and with every inch of my being.
((Miss Viv’s typist is on vacation. I read the above letter at this afternoon’s Aether Salon.))

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  1. Marion Questi Marion Questi June 20, 2011

    This is bittersweet news indeed. I am encouraged that others will pick up the torch and I hope they will strive for the high standards you four have set. George Santayana observed that “There is wisdom in turning as often as possible from the familiar to the unfamiliar: it keeps the mind nimble, it kills prejudice, and it fosters humour.” Thank you for the education, the humour and the pleasure you have brought me. Thank you for the shining light the Aether Salon has been to New Babbage society and to all the Steamlands.

  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington June 20, 2011

    I’d just like to thank Viv, Sera and Jed for a tremendous job running the Aether!  Good luck in any future ventures you may have!

  3. Wiggy Undertone Wiggy Undertone June 21, 2011

    I side with Victor and Marion and thank you for your dedication and hard work.  The Salons have been entertaining and informative, and quite surprising at times!  I will miss them.  Best of luck on your new adventures!!

  4. Ashiko Kuroe Ashiko Kuroe June 21, 2011

    Your salons will be missed. And I will most certainly enjoy the final installment!

    Best of luck on your future adventures.


  5. Serafina Puchkina Serafina Puchkina June 22, 2011

    Both edited and unedited versions are now available at

    What’s the difference? All the chatter and amusing commentary in the unedited version. I removed most of the trolley arrivals and tip jar amounts.

    The edited version contains the announcements, speeches, and question and answer session. It’s in paragraph form and thus is easier to read the speakers’ discussion. 


    Again, thank you for your kind comments. We truly appreciate them. 

  6. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse June 22, 2011

    Thank you ladies for the time and effort you have put in over the years to bring interesting topics and guests to the Aether Salon presentations.

  7. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver June 22, 2011

    *smile* I think the words below say it best ..

    “It’s not goodbye .. It’s see you soon ” ((Trivia: what’s that’s from ?)) 

    Many Thank YOUs to each of you ! .. More Important Big Hugs and Best Wishes with smiles and Gum Drops on each of your  own future Happy Trails ..

    • Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska June 23, 2011

      Okay, I give, what’s it from? I recognize it, but caynt come up with it. Makes my brain itch…

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