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Advice for RFL offering

Hello there

I’m new to New Babbage as some of you know.  Very soon I’ll open a tiny shop of sepia prints (original art) and knick knacks in Clockhaven.  

I’m very interested in creating something for RFL, but wonder what could fit with the aesthetic?   In Bay City and other more modern period settings it’s easy enough to make designer T-shirts or boxer shorts.  

I’m a little at a loss for what I could offer to a Victorian Steampunk community, short of maybe pyjamas?

Would you have any suggestions? I’m no scripter. My strength is my art/textures and prim builds.

Thank you much!

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin March 18, 2011

    How about a parasol fer the ladies, and maybe a top hat fer the blokes?

  2. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly March 18, 2011

    I couldn’t do either better than what already exists, especially given my limits above.

    What about you Tepic? What don’t we have in New Babbage that doesnt require sculpts or scripts that would be neat to own or wear?  If anybody knows that, it’s a street-wise urchin :)

    • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh March 19, 2011

      ‘ow about a shirt thet says “Pennies faw a choild of misfawtune?” so’s we don’t ‘ave ta worry about missin’ a mark … er, koind lydie aw gennimin wit’ our pit’ful message of desperation when we’re sleepin’ on th’ street?

  3. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau March 18, 2011

    I was thinking of doing a purple variation of my new caps. But sounds like you do mainly photoshop work and textures? Maybe collectible postcards?

    • Osric Worbridge Osric Worbridge March 18, 2011

      or Victorian Trading Cards

  4. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly March 20, 2011

    Thanks! Let’s say I’m trying to establish my reputation on textures :)

    I’m good with prim shapes and trying to master the art of pure prim mangling. Personally not fond of something that looks like a balloon for the first twenty seconds on someone’s head or like crushed pixie stix in a window for two minutes.  Used to do extrusions in something called Spaz3D for VRML2 about 8 or 9 years ago. Those days are gone alas.

    LOL Jimmy. That sounds very urchinesque. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that there is a greater concentration of urchins actively involved with the city than any other demographic (big word sorry. It means “koinda mark”).  Didn’t think it would be appropriate to offer graphics tees in New Babbage though.

    If trading cards of certain types of people would appeal I’d do that. Once took a little brass tree of tiny picture frames and did a color pic in each one like some kooky fictional family tree for my grandmother.

    Cards or portraits of specific people in New Babbage? I don’t know most of you enough to do justice, but I have done portraits & artist impressions of avatars as gifts.


  5. DaveDorm Gaffer DaveDorm Gaffer March 21, 2011

    I like the idea of Steampunk/Victorian trading cards. We could have cards made for our avatars. Perhaps they can be some sort of “game” that can be played, like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or the other Customizable Card Games. Cards can be common, uncommon, or rare and have power in-game.

  6. Serafina Puchkina Serafina Puchkina March 21, 2011

    While I like the idea of cards with citizen portraits, I would caution you in your selection of subjects. Something like that can easily turn into a popularity contest. “What? No picture of moi? Why this person and not that person?” 

    Since you are establishing your reputation in the city, you want all the good will and positive energy you can get. Mr. Gaffer has suggested a “game” which could involve many portraits. That’s good. 

    A variation would be to offer calling cards with a saying or message. Image could be a NB scene. 

    • Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer March 22, 2011

      Exactly.  People come and go and your cards could become outdated or confusing to newcomers, if they featured specific Babbagers.  I like the card idea. And Babbage has enough traditions and saying to fill a deck, if one tried.  The “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” card would obviously be a good luck card! And then there’s the Wiggyfish, the Trolleys, Tenk’s Clock, the Palisade Wall… also Absinthe, Beer, Rum, Tea, Coffee… lots of set ideas abound.


    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs March 23, 2011

      *slaps her forehead*  Calling cards!  Why have I never thought of that lack before?  Those were indispensible during this time period.

  7. Osric Worbridge Osric Worbridge March 21, 2011

    Victorian Trading cards tended to be decorative advertisements for a company.
    You could feature products of real or imaginary businesses in New Babbage.

  8. Osric Worbridge Osric Worbridge March 21, 2011

    Victorian Trade Card



    I posted some examples,

    The more accuret term is “Trade” cards as they advertised for a “trade.”

  9. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly March 21, 2011


    Ah that’s different. Trade cards (wow that last one had about half a dozen clashing fonts)

    I was thinking fictional portraits of non-residents.  More like types of characters (the little images on Grandma’s display included a burglar, an upset dog, a baby, and Kermit the frog).  I agree that it’s best not to have someone complain they were overlooked by pursuing actual avatar portraits except by commission.

    A friend of mine brought up the issue that goggles are predominantly male and there aren’t more dainty or ornate protective eyewear (versus the more common post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk rustish Mad Max versions in abundance in SL). 

    Those who have met me know I tend to wear anaglyphic 3D glasses to see better inworld.  The eyebrows – well, that’s another story.  She wears them as well.  It might be the direction I should take for an object.

    As for the portraits, perhaps a featured postcard per week could be fun.  What do avatars do with postcards?

    • Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer March 22, 2011

      If your postcards also listed and/or a SLurl that makes a good spot for newcomers to land, it could be given out to avatars across the grid that show an interest in New Babbage.  We did something like that for the Primgraph magazine, but gave it out at a RL Steam Expo.

  10. Holocluck Henly Holocluck Henly March 22, 2011

    Would this be in a giver script? What virtually physically would one do with a postcard? Put them on the wall or in some scrapbook? How could scrapbooking work in SL?

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