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Addendum Maestro’s Log: 3 December, 188~

3 December, 188~
I located the translatorgraph engine located in City Hall. It is a magnificent piece of workmanship! I placed the plaque rubbing underneath a lens, not dissimilar to those used in microscopes, but on a larger scale. I activated the machine and it began to run its calculations. I have never seen an analog device run such complex computations so effectively. Quite amazing! When it finished, it projected its translation which I have copied below.

I am now headed back to the statue to see if I can decode his riddle, which I believe will give me a clue to the whereabouts of the crypt of the Malkuth.

Later that night – I believe I may be having a reaction to all the soot in the air here. I returned to the statue, but when I got there, I began to feel sluggish and found it hard to focus. I must have passed out because I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed. Someone must have brought me here. One of the urchins who was attacked, I believe his name is Nat, is in the next room over. While I was trying to sleep, I overheard some people shouting. It seems the beest was captured, but someone helped it escape. I bet it was that Vash character. I must remember to tell someone about him. I hope to be released soon. It seems Babbage is becoming a more exciting place to live than I realized!

((OOC: My typist has been having RL computer issues causing SL to lag more than usual, but will hopefully be able to return to the mystery soon.))

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