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A trap in the nest.

*Several days ago the snake had just finished a rather meager meal, it was really starting to miss the days when it would find small walkers to eat when it got hungry, or that hanging meat in their nests, but that mer had told him that was why they were shooting at him.

Well, it hadn’t attacked anyone in the past few weeks since it had learned that was why they were all attacking him…except a few of those men with that strange device in their hands that it still made a bed out of whenever it happened.  And of course the non two legged walkers that they carried about or kept in their homes were still on the menu.  It liked eating those hoppers with long ears and fluffy tails when it could find them.

But it’s life had been rather mundane recently, it would wake up in it’s nest, either search for food or just go about it’s day.  If it had food it would drag it to that sandy area, eat it there since it couldn’t under the water, and then go about it’s day and go home to sleep in it’s nest at night.  It didn’t like it, and it was still looking for that thing that smelled like fish and…that walker who had imprisoned it.  The only walker it wished to kill with an uncontrollable passion…not counting when it lost all control.

It got home and was about to rest upon it’s bed of bodies, when it felt something odd against it’s skin.  An odd vibration that kept repeating in the water at the same interval like a heartbeat…only it wasn’t.

The snake looked about it’s home, trying to find the source, and eventually it did though it couldn’t tell what it was or how it had gotten here.  It hadn’t been there before was the only thing it was sure about.

It looked at it curiously, but it was starting to feel like it’s nest had been invaded.  Instinct told it that it had to move now.  Disappointed, it went to the bodies it had used as it’s bedding and started to drag the bodies out.

It was on it’s third removal when it happened, a great force of pressure pushed it out, an explosion sent the snake reeling and flopping backwards as it’s vision faded and pain covered it’s entire body and debries pelted and cut into the serpent as it’s home was destroyed…

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 21, 2011

    *Footman Industries Aquatic Demolition Device No. 321, never fails*

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