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A slow return Part III

    Walking across the Carrier’s flight deck to the zero fighter that landed, Marit waved to Balthazar to come inside the bridge. “Welcome back captain, how was your recon of the city? undetected I hope…”. Laughing in reply while removing his combat knife and sidearm, Balthazar looked up and smiled “Well ma’am, I messaged your contact within the city, and the information was as reliable as you said. I’m here to report that the outbreak our spies heard about as we were en route is supposedly over with and taken care of. I also noted a large flying tower over Clockhaven undergoing construction. It reminded me of your blueprints you drew up a few weeks ago while we were going over that floating city before heading here.”

    Walking over and sitting in her chair Marit pulled out the blueprints, “Well, its easily spotted and the city was rather mobile…hmm…Order up a tower from the construction yard I left over  the city, I may wait a while to return till after its began construction. Find the maker of this tower, and speak with them about possibly helping us, or anything else you can…return to the contact and thank her for me. And I want you to get comfortable in the city, your staying behind with me when Abaddon6 takes the fleet away.

    Walking back to the fighter, Balthazar Lectar looked across the flight deck and signaled to the pilot to rev up the engine. “Ma’am, If you get a working tower-ship, what do you plan on using it for?”. Looking over her shoulder, Marit replied “Well, I’m unsure as of the moment, but im thinking of a storefront, a home, and a new arms-fort”.

    With that, Balthazar got into the zero and took off for babbage. Getting closer, the fighter slowed as much as it could and the young captain jumped out the lower hatch into the vernian sea, making his way for the peir to get back into the city.

    Walking back into her office Marit took up the blueprints and put them back up for the night. “Amazing…someone from Babbage saw the city than…I wonder how many more will spring up in the coming days or weeks. Perhaps more isn’t such a grand thing though.”

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