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A slow return Part II

    While changing course the bells rang out as a man bellowed “Beat to Quarters”…The ship came alive as the crew sprang into action, prepparing the guns and a low-toned drum sounded off from the airships. As the call sounded, each half of the fleet went either port or starboard of there current position, surrounding the Deimos to protect it. Looking around the ships the spotters used the newfangled electric-lamps on the ships sides to spot a small destroyer off the port side of the fleet.

    As the sound of the drum beats grew and changed in tempo from the Deimos, the smaller destroyers off the starboard side dropped below cloud level and made a line towards the spotted destroyer to surround it. Upon closing the distance, the destroyer began firing its cannons, but missed as the fleets ships closed in too fast for them. Closing in, the fleets ships fired all cannons at different angles, tearing the destroyers hull to shreads and causing its blimp to ignite in a massive explosion. Once finished, the destoyers went in sepperate directions searching for more ships just in case the destroyer was a scout ship.

    “Well…I guess it was a single patrol ship lingering about…Reorder the fleet to its origional positions, and Bring us about. Get all ships at flank speed and lets get Captain Static home, hopefully withought another incident like this. What was that ship doing all on its own anyhow, these days any set of pirates could creep up on you heheh.” Came the captain from the lead battleships booming  voice over the radio.

    Walking back onto the Deimos, Marit looked around wandering what has been happening in the city, wandering if sneaking in was really needed, and wandering if she’s been missed, and how many will be happy to see her return. “I wonder…maybe i should send a small destroyer ahead of the fleet, or a Zero fighter perhaps…Lieutennant, send orders to the carrier to dispatch a zero fighter to New Babbage, and recon the city. I want to know whats happening, and I want a full report, so make sure he brings the communication unit too.”

    As the fighter sped off the carrier’s runway, it began to veer off to the direction of Babbage and disappeared into the clouds and smog as it got closer to the city. The fleet is getting closer to the city, and has begun to make the neccicarry turns to avoid all shipping and other traffic from spotting them. Noting the position of the fleet from the city, Lieutennant Porter made the call to the other ships to begin a slow, wide circle of the city and to keep there distance for the time being.

    Looking out of the porthole of her battleship Marit made notes in her journal about finally seeing the lights from the city, recognizing that smog from anywhere, and how much she cant wait to give out plenty of hugs.

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