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A Return to the Other New Babbage Part 3 of 3

“Well, that worked!” the faint outline of a small figure with what looked like a tail commented, seemingly to even thinner air. Then more figures materialised, a small girl, a couple of strong looking men and several ladies, and the conclave of ghosts made agreeing noises.
“So what now?” asked the phantasmic Tepic, looking round at the people he had sensed in his life but was now only seeing properly for the first time. The tall gentleman dressed in smart clothes whom he guessed was Daniel, looked at the boy, and pronounced in spectral tones “You go on, to whatever fate has in store for you, while we remain , doomed in this failing city!”
“Errr…. an what happens ter yer when them creatures finish up here?”
“Well, from what Daniel’s said, we gets pushed into someplace else…” the other man, probably Mac, replied.
“Don’t sound too good ter me, come on, let’s go find another adventure!”
“We can’t, reason we are here is cus we didn’t finish up what we need to do in the City”, Mac stated.
“Yes,” continued Daniel, haughtily, “we have to stay here until we complete that we left undone in life, or perish as the City falls!”

The ghost Tepic didn’t voice his thoughts, old ghosts were so stuck in their ways, still, they would probably be better off on an adventure than in this awful place, so he tried again.

“There ain’t much of a City left here, an how yer gonna do whatever it is yer need to do if it ain’t here? Bet yer can’t even remember what it is!”
“Of course! I have to tell them about my calculations, then they will understand!”
“Ummm… the people yer gotta tell, they is all dead, right?”
“Certainly! They couldn’t be living after all this time..”
“So wouldn’t it be better ter go find em where the dead people go rather than hang about here waiting fer em where they ain’t?
A look of uncertainty crossed the well dressed ghost’s face, a possibility he had not contemplated before.
“I… I… don’t know!” he finally exclaimed.
“So right, yer’d all best come with me!” the boy said in a tone brooking no objections. “Evie, you put yer hand on me shoulder, you lady hold onter Evie’s hand, mate, yep, you, hold her hand, ye’ll both like that!” the boy winked and grinned at them.
“You Miss, hold his other hand, an the gent can bring up the rear an hold your hand! Right, everyone ready?”
He held up a ghostly flute, “Look what i gave meself, we can have music on the way, now follow me!”

The fox tailed boy stepped forward, a lively tune springing from the flute, his improvised entourage following behind, some still looking bewildered and confused but following nonetheless. There was no stepping round corners, he just lead them in a straight line to some unseen place, and as they passed a certain point, they faded out of sight……

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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn July 22, 2012

    A wonderful conclusion to this adventure Tepic… It sounds as if both Tepics are off on another great adventure now!

  2. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold July 22, 2012

    ((Thank you Tepic.  I wish there was a like button for blog updates.))

  3. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs July 30, 2012

    Thanks for taking care of the other ghosts. *smile*

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