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A Return to the City


Star had a remarkable ability to find things.

It had been this way since she was a child. If someone needed to find a particular passage from a novel, or a particular book in the house, or a house on a street somewhere which they vaguely remembered, or a safe-house, Star had always been the person to go to about it. She could find things. If, for whatever reason, she herself wasn’t sure where to start, she always knew where to ask. 

So, when the idea had first occurred to her she had written directly to the Office of the Church of the Builder and requested the assistance of Brother Rudyard who had, once, mentioned that he was the head archivist at the church, sent to put the old church files in order. When Brother Rudyard received her notice the problem she set before him had proven just intriguing enough that he had enthusiastically agreed to aid her.

A week later, and one clandestine visit into the depths of the Church archive with the Brother accompanying her, she had a series of very carefully copied out texts, each with the reference number written in her exact script in the top corner of the paper. 

She had, of course, seen to it that her brother made an overly-generous gift to the church for its troubles which the Fathers had received with grace. 

Then it had been time to comb through her own family archives, tracing generations of her family, following the direct lineages in the Guild’s own genealogical charts until, after three solid weeks of work, she shouted, “AT LAST!’ earning herself a bark of laughter from her brother and a dirty look from the aged, be-wigged gentleman in the old-fashioned coat (honest, did he think it was still 1780?).
She copied it out and had the same, now irritated, be-wigged gentleman sign a Writ of Authenticity. 

Everything was placed in a beautiful leather case and then, with fond farewells and much whining on the part of her niece and nephew, Star had boarded the airship and settled into her little cabin for the long flight back to New Babbage. 

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  1. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart July 30, 2011

    …Won’t she be surprised.

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