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A quarantined hospital, escaped patients, and zombie attacks. (Pictures included now.)

After Pippy had fainted the doctors had taken her blood and had discovered signs of mutation, though the feathers and scales they had found were the biggest hint they had.  

It was around 3 pm on Wednesday when Dr. Sonnerstein had decided that Pippy had transformed enough to be considered dangerous, and he had taken precautions and sealed her within the Triage well before that and strapped her down, keeping her semi-quarantined away from the rest of the facility.  Still they had another patient and they had to move him to the offices and strap him down as well when it seemed he was also transforming.

Dr. Sonnerstein had been watching Pippy almost the entire day and had just developed a cough of his own, when around 6 pm Pippy woke up.  Dr. Sonnerstein bared the door with his body as she attempted to claw at the wood and ram it open.  The door wouldn’t hold forever, but that was when the doctor remembered that there was a good three foot clearance between the walls of the triage and the other side…

A very hungry, or scared and confused dinosaur that realized it was trapped, or both had managed to reach the gap and was trying to climb to the other side while biting and scratching at the Doctor who moved back to get away.

It slipped and fell back to the other side, but now it was going to ram the doors as hard as it could.  The glass in the doors broke and it broke another.  It tried to regain it’s footing, and the Doctor stumbled back and then hid in the center where the lift to the rest of the hospital was.

The raptor like dinosaur walked around it, and tried to find it’s way in, and eventually the doctor made it to the lift, sealed it in, and ran into Professor Lionheart topside.

“Problem?”  The professor asked.

“Wee bit of one, yes…well, not so wee any more..”  Dr. Sonnerstein admitted with a light cough.

“Need some assistance?”

“I would… suggest you keep a distance, Prof. Lionheart…though I think it would be wise to shut down the hospital for the time being!”

Heliotrope suddenly realized what might be happening, again and he panicked slightly.  He gave Kristos the emergency code to lock down the lift and doors, “Harvey gave me this for emergencies, use it!”

The hospital was closed down that night and quarantined, but the next day Dr. Sonnerstein and Mr. Harvey went in to attempt to look over the other patient they already had as safely as possible, though this eventually caused them to lose the patient locked in the offices at some point.

Pippy, who had lost all sense of herself at this point, had been looking for food.  She managed to claw her way up to the nurses station, which had been left open and she cleaned out the meat supplies in a few hours of non stop eating.  After that she tried to escape and even clawed at the window when she saw a Mer outside looking at her.  

In her attempts to find a way out and for food she had ripped apart everything in sight.  Book cases had been knocked over, beds ripped, chairs toppled and broken, jars and medicine cabinet smashed…the hospital was a ruined mess.

It was on Friday that Harvey had started to get worried about her though and he went downstairs in an attempt to give her some food to eat.  He ended up being chased around until he got onto the lift on the inner level and road it to surgery.

Unfortunately, he had been forced to leave the door to the exit unlocked and the lifts operational.  Pippy had been standing on it when someone who came seeking the hospital because they had gotten sick with the plague and activated the button that caused it to rise.  They ran off as it chased them into the city snarling for more meat and joined the rest of the cities mutated citizens in terrorizing the city.


While terrorizing the city it had run into a few people including Dr. Sonnerstein, and a few zombies such as Felisa and other dinosaur mutates such as itself until late at night it found a rabbit and it ate it right below Junie Ginsburgs window, who screamed at it.

“Go away, dinosaur! You already made me sick!”  She coughed or gasped, but it didn’t matter.  It now had a new prey, and it rammed her door until it flew off it’s hinges.

Junie hid in the attic, but the creature slowly made it’s way up until it reached the ladder and it tried to walk on it.

“It’s supposed to be dinosaur proof!!!” Junie screamed, but she had done so prematurely because Pippy had already lost her balance and fallen over.  “Hooray!  It IS dinosaur proof!”  She coughed and hacked again, and might have passed out if the thing hadn’t managed to jump and climb it’s way up to the attic.

Junie got to the boxes as quickly as she could and cowered behind them as best she could, though she couldn’t help moaning.  

It got closer and sniffed it’s prey, and then turned it’s nose up at the awful scent of another rotting person and it departed dissatisfied.

It traveled the city late into the night, finding new things and people to terrorize when finally it found what it had been looking for.  All the meat it could eat was there at the whaling factory and it stayed there the whole night devouring the excess along with several others that finally made their way there.


It was Saturday now maybe noon or later, and Gilhooly had heard that everyone was being cured now.  He had come out of his own little hidey hole that no one had found but while walking the street he ran into a dinosaur what hadn’t changed back just yet.

“Blimey!” He shouted as he scrambled and fell backwards.

Pippy jumped after Gil with a roar and pounced on top of him, and then dug her claws around her back and opened her mouth and…started making whining sounds as water dripped from it’s eyes.

“Augh, it’s ‘orrible!”  Gil cried out, unaware that though she hadn’t reverted yet she had at least regained her sense of self, and being called horrible just made her cry even louder.
Gilhooly continued to struggle underneath the ‘great beast’ and he shouted, “‘elp, it’s eatin’ me!”

She tried to tell him no, but it came out sounding like a roar instead.  Gilhooly Skute started to weep a bit and tried punching the thing in the nose, “lemme go… !”

She finally got off of him, but she needed someone right now and she picked him up, hugging and squeezing him with both arms (the cure had managed to give her arm back at the least so far) while she wailed.

Gilhooly finally realized that he wasn’t being chewed yet and blinks… “wait a tick… yer jus’ lonely aren’t ye?”

It was a bit worse than lonely, but it nodded it’s head, it’s the best that she could do in the circumstances.

“ye ain’t no zombie lizzie…”  Skute tentatively pets her feathers for a few moments and then asked, “ye ain’t gonna eat me?”  He wondered if it thought he was now her momma, or her son, or something like that.

Pippy shook here head no, and that was when Gil noticed that there was purple fur growing out of the scales now…

“hoi, ye got some stuff under ‘ere…”  He checks under the feathers for a moment then said, “Looks like ye got mister ‘Arvey under ‘ere.”

She looked at him confused, and then blinked her eyes and looked back as best she could and finally noticed the fur returning.  In her excitement she picked up Gil and starts to dance with him all around the town.

Gil yelled for the first couple of minutes, but finally he managed to calm down and even began to wonder if it was actually taking him somewhere. 

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 9, 2011

    (Several hours later at a certain party, a still rather large raptor tackle-pounced a certain hotel owner and screamed, “You did this to meeeeeee!”)

  2. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 10, 2011


    Transformation:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7

    Exploring the Hospital:   1    2

    Wrecked hospital:  1   2   3  4  5  6  7

    Going through town:  1  2  3  4 

    Attack on Junie:  1   2

    Attack on Gil:  1  2

    Random photos to follow at a later date along with other photos of other events.))

  3. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey October 10, 2011

    ((Wonderful, I’ve really enjoyed this and participating in it when RL would let me.))

  4. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg October 10, 2011

    A freaking dinosaur.

    No shambling zombies wandering up from the cemetery, pounding lamely on her door. Nooo. A screeching, raging, zombie dinosaur that could turn itself into a battering ram and break down the door.  Dinosaur-proofing was more complicated than she had suspected.

    At first she couldn’t believe the thing would find its way up to the attic, and she staggered dizzily over to the ladder to look down. Hacking and moaning with fever, she heard the thing knocking over everything in its path between the workshop and the upper floors. Finally, it appeared below her. On its first attempt to ascend the ladder, the hideous lizard fell right back down again. Too exhausted to feel exulted, she steadied herself against the wall, unprepared for the dinosaur’s second attempt.

    Seeing the thing making progress up the ladder, she scrambled behind the crates and leaned against them, half desparate to get away and half not caring if it ate her. She just wanted to be unconscious. The thing loped over toward her, stopped, sniffed, and did an abrupt about-face.

    Relieved, she fell to the floor like a rag doll and waited to die.

    She awoke the next day, disoriented, not knowing that she had already breathed in the cure. Lying on the floor, looking out the window, she slowly regained her senses. Although her muscles ached like the devil and she had a pounding headache, one thought came into clear focus as she sat up: she needed to pay a visit to Victor Mornington. There was something she had to give him.

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