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A Private Communication ((but feel free to comment))

Letter from P.J. Burell to The Maestro (c/o Orpheus Angkarn)

 1 December, 188~

 My good Sir,

 I have heard you have returned and are presently in the

Steamlands. Great news indeed! You shall have to tell me of your latest

adventure. I do so enjoy regaling company with those fanciful tales you tell of

moon men and talking animals and what-not.

 I have recently accepted a post at the Boston Conservatory.

I know of your love of the musical arts. You must come visit. We could use a

distraction, as times are bleak here across the ocean. Recovery from the war

against the Confederacy is slow and tiring. Now there is talk of the Vampires

wanting to be given their own sovereign nation. Outlandish! President Lincoln

had been right to propose they be hunted down, but since his untimely death,

they have only gotten stronger and more organized. If they try anything, I fear

in our nation’s weakened state, the Union may

not be able to stop a Vampiric nation.

 Despite these dark times, things are looking hopeful. Have

you heard the news? The Party is actually putting a clockwork candidate on the

ticket. Can you imagine it? A mechanical President? It seems so outlandish, and

yet, these are the times we live in. Astounding! The family is well, and we do

look forward to hearing from you.

 On and Ever Upward,

P. J. Burell

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  1. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn December 10, 2010

    Letter from The Maestro to P.J. Burell


    9 December 188~

     Mr. Burell,

    It is good to hear from you sir. It is true, I have landed
    in New Babbage, where I have been for many months now. That is unfortunate to
    hear about the problem with the Vampires. The leadership of New Babbage has
    been successful with keeping out Vampires, as well as most other forms of the
    occult. At least, that’s what we’re are told. Recently another Zombie Plague
    outbreak occurred, but was quickly dealt with. I had a bout with a zombie
    infection, but thankfully I have been cured, with the help of a fellow Timelord.

      I am currently investigating
    the death of noted archaeologist Mr. Blindside. He went missing and now a
    terrible monster is attacking children in the streets. I cannot tell you more,
    as my investigation is still active, but I shall recount my tale for you the
    next time we meet. Give your family my greetings.

     The Maestro

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