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A personal correspondence

Those wandering by the workbench in the back of the old church might have seen a clean bit of parchment laid there this morning—a correspondence between the gentlemen of Oakwood Laboratories: 

Mr. Elihu Leominster
Wheatstone Waterways
New Babbage

My dear Father,

I’m sorry to report my tests show the gateway still will be unstable if we were to throw open the spigots. Recommend we keep the cap in place until I am able to gather more mystic insight from that woman we discussed. She is proving to be an entertaining project. My studies suggest the wards I have in place (based on Alhazred) will hold fast, but I know you to be anxious we move forward with the experiments.

Some of the material we received from Dr. Panjandrum may become useful after all. I recommend one of us travel ahead once again to learn if he can spare a bit more. Maybe you should jump a few months ahead of our last visit, which may give him time to have found more? Please remember to set the tether as we agreed. You have been somewhat forgetful lately, if you’ll forgive me saying so.

I shall return for supper—
Elvisomar Oyen

Scrawled at the bottom, apparently using a carpenter’s pencil, are these words:

Baking powder
3 cans milk
10-m rope
50 bf maple
Take tinctures

This last was underlined. Twice.


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