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A parting of the ways

Piper looks around him with some regret as he makes his way back to the lonely spot on New Babbage’s coast where he landed. This land seems so intriguing and he wants to stay and ply his musical craft here. But Mondrago has returned from the mists, albeit in a different form that when it disappeared (such is the way of the mists, after all) and Chai Me Up (both venue and party) must return to where it was born.

Turning his hands in a gesture human hands shouldn’t be able to make, his beloved barge unfolds itself from … elsewhere and deposits itself at the water’s edge

A passing cat the only observer, Piper’s appearance becomes odd, even for him, as not only does his skin change color, but he seems to flicker as he both nimbly hops on board the barge and stands on the beach. The gears protruding from his… head? heads?… spin madly as he looks at himself for long minutes. “The probability matrix must be too evenly balanced,” he said in unison. “I’ll stay here for the time being,” said the flickering form on the shore. “I’ll head for MariKesh Mondrago,” replied the similarly flickering form on the deck.

“Take care of her,” he said to himself. “And you take care of her,” he replied.

Piper turned and headed back into the darkness of the back streets of New Babbage while Piper readied the barge to sail off, retrieving the controls and oddly constructed drive from their hidden spaces. Neither version of himself looked back as the other left the shore.

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