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A Parcel Sent First Class to Wickentower Manor


Dearest Elektra, 

Thank you for the news.  I am dismayed at Yoyo’s sudden lack of fortitude but by no means surprised.  I am glad, however, that it is not as bad as Uncle has made it sound as he keeps sending me telegrams insisting I sign papers allowing him to be committed to Taunton. 

Taunton! Honestly, it would be better if we took him into the forest and shot him like a lame horse. But then, you do know how uncle does despise Yoyo. I can hardly blame him as, sometimes, I am not so fond of my husband myself (do not pass that little gem along to Uncle, please, as I’m not yet ready to wear mourning black). 

How wonderful that Phaedo has taken an interest in Daddy’s old things!  The son he always wanted, I’m glad he didn’t live long enough to see his hopes fulfilled. I shall see if I do not have any books in my collection that he may find of interest. I am sure Yoyo will come around eventually.  In fact, the little care package attached to this should perk him right up.  

I’m sure I don’t need to issue you the usual dull warning about tampering with correspondence between Yoyo and I.  You will recall what happened the last time, I’m sure. 

I should come immediately home and see to Yoyo myself but I’m afraid I’m a bit tied up here. There is a delicate matter that I’m afraid would literally go to pieces if I left the city just at this moment. Do encourage Yoyo to at least read my letter. I realize how stubborn he is, but he’ll regret it. I’ve heard word about an old servant of his that he really must act on. 

Give Euridice and Phaedo my love and do enjoy the figgy bars,



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