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A New Year: Into the Unknown

((OOC: But feel free to comment…Possible RP to follow should one get the hint by the end))


*Looking around Marit thumbed through her journal from last year remembering what had happened, and how it was not the best one she’d had, she went and put it in her safe and pulled out an empty one to begin wrighting”

Dear Journal:

    This year may be better than the last, who knows…but today was a sight to see for sure! I got the Apocalypse’s Core control room powered up for the first time ever since we abandoned it, and some power came to the lights in some hallways too!!! Upon walking down the now-safe halls, I found the captains quarters from when it was first comissioned. I was looking through the mess of a room that was left in a hurry, so much so that I remembered when it was first evacuated *shudders*…anywho, I noticed a folder marked “compartmentalized intelligence” and slightly gigled while i put in the password on the lock and it worked…only to reveal an all blank page with the words:

“To the Captain of the Apocalypse Capital Warship, from Inquisitor Lord Kain Exonar, Initiate the Triple D Code: Digamma Decimitio Duodecies”

Much to my surprise, I had the most important document aboard the ship in my hands, as it was the one that caused the end of the war…and two entire nations, one continent, and my whole life before I escaped in the TARDIS. What will I do with this, if not frame it in my room? I did afterall design the superweapon, and tried to stop its use!…If there are any other documents out there floating about the stars, or even around babbage, I should be so lucky to recover them……

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