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A new life in Babbage

Another day has come to an end, thank goodness.  Belldandy and I flop rather ungracefully onto the the mats at the table and pour tea for ourselves as Tasha brings in a tray of light snacks.  We are coated in dust and sweat streaks form trails down our faces and arms.  Tasha takes one look at us and Tsk’s her way through the floor to return to the graveyard to inform the other spirits of the state of our disarray.  Who thought redecorating the Arms would be a task equal to that of constructing the Temple?

“What have we finished today?  Are we any closer to completion?”

Belldandy looks up from her cup, “We have the new wall paper hung in the lower two rooms and that beam is sawn down to a smaller width.  The transoms are installed over the doors.  The windows are slightly cleaner.  Is that enough for this week?”

“I suspect it is Bell-chan.”, I reach for the snack tray only to find my shoulder is not cooperating.  I pulled it when we changed the sign over the store front.  Elleon forgot to tell us that she used cast iron instead of wood for it.  Something about patina and classical architecture. “Did you hang the French illustrations in the store yet?  We should get something in there.  I dislike having it so empty.”

“Hai sempai.  I did that on Thursday.  They are quite nice. I like the title of the series.  It translates to ‘Women of the Future’ does it not?”

“Very good Belldandy.  Your French is getting better.  I thought since the Arms had a tradition of being owned by ladies we should promote the gender a bit. Having a bit of merchandise on display never hurt.”

“Now that we are getting established as landladies Iyou what shall we do next?  Have we any set thing the Temple wants done?”

I set my cup down and look about.  One can never be too careful. “We have instructions.  The time is not ready yet to share them with you dear.  However, I want you to circulate around Babbage and get used to the layout of the city.  Make some connections.  Let yourself be seen.  That groundwork will prove useful later.  I might have to go underground but I am not sure.  If I do, it can only help us for you to be the visible owner of the Arms.  Oh yes, I also want you to visit the graveyard more often.  Keep up your studies in the arts of the shrine maiden.”

“Hai Iyou-chan.  I can do all that.  After all, what is a bit more pain after having suffering all the soreness of getting the Arms changed about?”

I laugh at my poor friend, “Would you rather carry the water buckets up the stairs at the Temple again?  At least here we have plumbing!”

I stiffly get up from the floor, “If you need me I shall be on the roof tending to the pigeons.”

Change is a constant it is said and constant changes seem to be coming to the Arms and its’ owners…





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