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A new home

Kasa signed the rental contract eagerly, knowing that even with their new raise they’d only be able to barely afford rent.  She had friends, as long as the urchins had a place they would get food she was sure.

She looked up at the towering home which looked as if it had been intended to be a light house.  It was a wondrous place to call her own, “Ma would be proud.”

She turned to shake the landlords hand and as soon as the money had changed hands the shady man had hurried off with the first months rent. She ran up to the old eccentric building that was certainty not in the best condition.  They’d known it would be a fixer-upper and could even be dangerous, but she would survive.  

The urchins could use another place to stay, and this kind of place was almost like a massive brick tree house. She would not have much money to put towards helping the urchins now besides this, but it was something. As she made her way up the creaking stairs to the house she let out a nervous chuckle “ok hope this place does not fall over” she snickers to herself as she starts to set up her home, at least she was close to work.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse November 17, 2013

    Emerson teed up the ball on the roof of his Wheatstone clock and took a few practice swings with the driver he’d forgotten to return to Jonathan Spires at the end of last season – or was it the seaon before? Adjusting his stance, feet spaced just right, knees slightly bent, he let loose a lazy swing and watched as the ball fell into the canal.

    “I swear someone keeps making that thing wider,” he murmered to the early morning air. He blew on his fingers to warm them a little then tried again. This time it was a hard slice falling in the canal well before the Piermont.

    “Damn!” Emerson cursed, blew on his hands again. “Must be the cold November air.” He teed up his third shot and pulled it just to the left of his target.

    “Bugger it all!” he teed up his fourth shot and this one flew true, dinging the tower about a third of the way up. 

    He then pulled out a notebook and wrote: new building a deceptively challenging par four.

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