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A Most Peculiar Exhibit

Excerpts from the logs of O. Angkarn:

Tuesday, 188~

I have been to the museum daily to study the dinosaurs on exhibit there. Something bothers me about that utahraptor in particular. it seems just a bit TOO realistic for my tastes. I have heard rumours in town that the thing walks around at night, or that it seems to blink. I have had no such experience with it, but from the first time I viewed it, I could have sworn I heard a faint breathing sound, a heavy rasping breathing. I am going back again this evening to run some basic scans.

Orpheus walked the mile or so from the field he had hidden the Tardis in to the Museum. He kept his ears open, just in case the rumours about the raptor were true. “Impossible, simply impossible” he thought to himself. It was just simply impossible that the model could come to life. It was far to realistic to be a Golem. And not even Vic would dream of bringing an ACTUAL utahraptor through time and leave it out in the open….

Orpheus pushed open the heavy metal doors and began to scan the exhibits, starting with the one on his left – the Stegosaurus.


“Nothing odd about this one,” he said. As he stepped away from the gigantic lizard, he stepped in something. “Not my good shoes….” grumbled the man as he looked at the puddle he was standing in. “What the…. is that…. blood?” He scanned the dark red liquid and prepared to take a sample for later when his sonic alerted him to something else that didn’t belong.


Mr. Angkarn looked at the Utahraptor. It stood there, unbreathing, unblinking, like any replica should do. However, he detected a device underneath. “What the heck is a timelock doing underne….” He stopped mid phrase. He was wrong. Mr. Mornington WOULD bring a live dinosaur into a small enclosed building in the heart of New Babbage. He scanned the beast, noticing that its coloration seemed off. Hadn’t it been darker? With hints of striping? The thing in front of him looked pale and … decaying?


Orpheus looked around. Seeing there was a library at the back of the museum, he went in and grabbed a book off the shelves. Dinosauria of the 19th Century. He sat down to read it. More and more, he didn’t like where things were headed.


Excerpts from the logs of O. Angkarn:

Tuesday, later

I have gone through the books here, I have gone through my journals, I can not figure out what is wrong, other than there is a timelocked dinosaur in New Babbage! I am going to see if I can catch this dino in the act, maybe find out why he seems to be suffering from genetic decay.


Orpheus knew he needed somewhere that he could hide, away from the temperamental raptor. The museum was empty this time of night, so Orpheus did the one thing that everyone wishes they could do at museums – touch the exhibits. He did more than touch the exhibit. He managed to climb up the side of the Tyrannosaurus replica…


and leapt to the skeleton hanging from the rafters. Climbing ever so carefully, he made his way to the top of a steel girder, where he perched for the remainder of the evening, keeping an eye out for any sign of life. And wondering what could have been attacked to leave so much blood, but no sign of a body?


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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 5, 2011

    Poor playful dinosaur, all icky and sad now…

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