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A Memo to Blackberry Harvey


A Memo to Dr. Blackberry Harvey

From: Dr. Phillip Yolen

Re: Patient Underby, P. Mrs. 

Dr. Harvey,

After performing her evening duties young Miss Artful informed me that her mother was up and responsive though, oddly, not speaking.  Since she had just given Mrs. Underby her evening dose I decided to wait until the end of my rounds to make an assessment. 

An initial favorable impression (eyes clear, temperature stable, motor-functions fine), I’m afraid Dr. Harvey, has given way to a great deal of dismay.  Her sole complaint initially was that she had a persistent headache (no doubt from the head trauma incurred sometime during her ordeal) however upon further questioning it was discovered that she was unable to provide me with her first name (though did know her last, not unsurprising as I addressed her as Mrs. Underby upon entry to her room) the address of her home, the name of the establishment which she and her husband run and failed to remember even the name of her own daughter.  Given the peril which this state could place her in I should suggest that we attempt to retain her under medical care until either her husband comes to claim her (all messages sent to him at his known residence have been unanswered) or her memory recovers.  

I shall, of course, await your instructions and feel it should be noted that she asked no less than six times during our long interview this morning to be released from the hospital under her own care, though I cannot see how, in her present state, we could possibly allow it to happen. 

~ P. Yolan, M.D. 


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  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey December 11, 2010

    From the desk of Mr. Blackberry Harvey, Hospital Administrator, Wilde Public Hospital, City of New Babbage

    To: Dr. Phillip Yolen

    Dear Dr. Yolen,

    Thank you for your note.  As luck would have it, I had just read some of the latest medical journals on the treatment of extreme exposure.  I’m glad I was able to come to Mrs. Underby’s aid before permanent tissue damage set in.

    I shall not press her memory, but I shall help her recall where I can.

    I will request my security men to not permit her to access the lifts to leave the hospital area.  The lifts can be locked down in an emergency.  For her own safety.  She will remain under my care and under my orders to remain until she is well.

    Are you her family physician?


    Mr. B. Harvey


  2. LoPxie Artful LoPxie Artful December 11, 2010

    goodness!.. so kind, sweet and caring… mother doesn’t seem quite herself at all!

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