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A Letter To The Mayor

I included Mr. Popplefot’s letter in my outgoing mail as a courtesy.


Mr. Mayor:

I should like to register a complaint against one of our citizens, a certain Mr. Briggs of Krakenwell and Co., of whom you are aware.

I recently returned from abroad, and found on the following Saturday all activity at my factory had stopped.  Naturally I went to investigate the reasons why.

Hearing a commotion at the Absinthe Cafe, I hied myself to that location, and found many of my workers engaged in some celebration, though none had been scheduled on the factory calender.  Apparently it had somethng to do with “toenails” but I have not yet become clear as to the meaning od said celebration.

After lecturing my workers on the value of a proper work ethic and sticking to schedule, I was speaking to young Loki when Mr. Briggs burst into the room shouting like a mad banshee, eyes bulging red and lips spraying spittle as he accused me of some ridiculous nonsense about digging a hole under his factory.  He was most offensive and brutish in his rantings, and I thought him quite mad, which is not a fresh assessment.  I believe his unhinged cacchinations upset many of the patrons of young Loki’s enterprise.  Had I my stick with me, I might have struck him in a merciful attempt to return him to his senses.

I having been away for nearly four months of course had nothing to do with his situation.  I believe the man is insane, and may well present a danger to the community at large.

I would appreciate your looking into the matter, and determining whether ot not Mr. Briggs should be indefinitely interred in the local asylum for the safety of the community.  Otherwise I shall seek remedy in the Court.


T.J. Popplefot

P.S.  I am attempting to contact the owner of the property immediately west of mine, as it has been condemned and I am considering expanding the factory.  Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.


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