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A Foot Tappin History Lesson – The US Billboard Chart

On November 1st, 1894 in Cincinatti a trade paper called “Billboard Advertiser” was founded.  Published soleley as an aid and catalouge for billboard and flyer posters, the Billboard Advertiser soon got rename to simply “The Billboard”.

With the advent of the Jukebox in the 1930’s The Billboard magazine started to publish top played songs from Jukeboxes.  On October 18th, 1936, the system on which the current US billboard chart was first put into place.

Through many changes, some forced by the generation that was buying the music, some forced by the industry itself, the US Billboard chart has moved with the time.

Pop over for a special one off history lesson Foot Tappin Friday, charting the music, and the industry which rode the gravy train of the Billboard Chart system, the oldest consecutivley running music chart system in the world.

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