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A Bad Week

Dear Paul,

I do not know what has got into Father Moonwall lately, but he has taken to exercising me three times a week, or more. He has never tried to hide his contempt for me. One of these days I will figure out what his issue is. After all, it was Moonwall who requested I come to his school. I would rather have a week with those clods at the Academy rather than a session with him. Sometime I think he does it just to show me that he can.

I admit I was very excited to be coming here when I heard Juris Pizzaro was in charge of the program, his reputation in the community is still legendary. I realized he was going to be past his prime, but still, I did hope to be able to test myself against him. I still hold hope that I will be able too, if it is not too late for him.

So, it has been a hell of a week. it is all I can do to get enough physical exercise to keep up with all the food I need for Moonwall’s work. Be well, and stay quicker than the dead, they must be up to full speed now that summer has arrived.

In brotherhood,



Lox let a hint of a sadistic smile play at her lips as she set half a loaf of bread in front of Brother Lapis. “Guess who wants to see you tomorrow, bright and early?”

“Oh, come on, Lox. I’m stuffed from dinner. I can’t keep eating like this!” Lapis moaned.

“Father knows best. And he thinks you are not feeding yourself properly.”

Lapis looked at the bread gloomily, aware of young Brother Riddler’s hungry gaze on the loaf.

“Would you rather have him think you are holding back from him?”

Lapis shuddered inwardly as he began pulling apart the bread. Moonwall was enough of a fright as he was.

“I am staying out tonight,” said Lapis suddenly, getting up from the table but still stuffing pieces of torn bread in his mouth. Lox’s face darkened in disapproval, she knew quite well what kind of places Lapis ‘stayed out’ in. “I will be back for breakfast. Promise.”

“And no wine!” Lox called after him, but he mumbled deliberately through a mouthful of bread so he would not be understood as he went out into the courtyard. He fumbled through his pockets, looking for enough coin to afford a cheap room for the night. he was going to need some proper sleep before facing Moonwall again.

Njal would do.

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  1. Njal Edwyn Njal Edwyn May 28, 2012

    *dabs a touch of perfume behind her ears* 

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