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  • Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) May 17, 2021 by Mr Tenk Oiling Festival is our version of Spring Cleaning. A time when we shut down the factories for maintenance and fix what needs fixing. All residents of the Steamlands are invited… (Continue reading...)
  • Town Hall Transcript for May 15, 2021 May 15, 2021 by Mr Tenk Things that were talked about: Mr Tenk wondered what is going on with the recently placed sims near Mondrago. Oiling Festival Projects: Street Names, fresh photos for Destination Guide update,… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – Man the Monorail! May 10, 2021 by Mr Tenk Project #6 - NBTA Car on the Stora Canal Aerial Track Kimika built an elevated monorail for an underslung car which goes from the east side of Babbage canals to… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – Voom Electric Trust Windmill May 10, 2021 by Mr Tenk Project #5 - Fix the Windmill! The Windmill at the Voom Electric Trust fell victim to some joyriding airscooter hooligans some time back. Someone please go build a new set… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – Yule Goat Advent Calendar Gifts April 15, 2021 by Mr Tenk Project #4 - Feed the Yule Goat! This is an everybody project - We all like having an advent calendar in December, but it is always a last minute dash… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – City Watch HQ April 15, 2021 by Mr Tenk Project #3 - City Watch Yard You may have noticed a big hole in the city wall by Ruthorford Square. That's where the City Watch does... whatever the City… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – City Photography April 15, 2021 by Mr Tenk Project #2 for this year's Oiling Festival will be to get the city listing(s) in the SL Destination Guide updated. The photo you will find there is very old and… (Continue reading...)
  • OF2021 – More Street Names April 15, 2021 by Mr Tenk I don't want to go full speed on this year's Oiling Festival until Fantasy Faire is over, but there are things that need to get done. First up: Mr Pearse… (Continue reading...)
  • Winter Builds January 10, 2021 by Mr Tenk Land set for special winter builds - Snow & Ice Sculptures - big corner lot by The Merryman & Hammer Bridge (snow critter this year is bunnies) Ice Fishing… (Continue reading...)
  • 2020 Advent Gifting Calendar November 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk Fauve Aeon will be collecting items for this year's gifting calendar. Items must be at least copy/trans to work. Please contact Ms Aeon for further info. There is a possibility… (Continue reading...)

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  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 11, 2021 by Mr Tenk A clever soul might notice where the autoreturn hasn't been turned on yet, like near where those old city hall buildings mysteriously returned. one of them even brought its old… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 11, 2021 by Harperlass A faint blush creeps across Ms. Harper's cheeks and she lowers her eyes, "Sadly, no, I merely rent accommodations in your fair town. Reduced in circumstances I am no longer… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 10, 2021 by Mr Tenk Engineers is for land holders (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 8, 2021 by Harperlass I would like to work on a design for the lot next to me which is open, but as a relatively new New Babbage citizen I don't know if that… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 4, 2021 by Vic Mornington MINING HEADFRAME sponsor: Vic Mornington land impact: 70 max prizes: 3500/2000/1000   Headframe for Fells mining operations. I'm opening this one up to builders! Platforms are here... Rules. 1:… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) June 3, 2021 by Mr Tenk PROJECTS Projects are just that - things around town that need working on, best taken on by one person or a small crews so it gets done in time for… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) May 20, 2021 by Mr Tenk CURRENCY (2D) sponsor: Junie Ginsburg & The Gangplank prizes: nerdy bragging rights + an undisclosed amount of Tenkers (Cardano wallet required) We know about the Imperial Quatloo that is still… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) May 20, 2021 by Mr Tenk GIFTING sponsor: Fauve Aeon & The Yule Goat prizes: Boiler Elf Immunity at this year's Steam Santa Ball Ms Aeon needs gifts made for her winter gifting calendar project. Send… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) May 17, 2021 by Mr Tenk bonus category NEW BLOOMAGE REDUX sponsor - Mrs. Reginald Trentwhistle & The New Babbage Ladies' Civic Beautification Committee prizes - stick it to the Man, man! free land! Those busy-bodies… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2021 (Official) May 17, 2021 by Mr Tenk CIVIC RITES & CEREMONIES sponsor - Br. Rafael Savas & City Archives prizes TBA This is the storytelling category, but if you want to build an artifact to go with… (Continue reading...)

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    New Babbage is a city of builders and storytellers. Follow our latest adventures!

  • Memento Resurgam February 10, 2021 by Jonathon Spires No Comments It rained in Babbage in late fall. Not quite cold enough to snow. The smoke was at full blast on factories in the Square district, mixing with the raindrops just… (Continue reading...)
  • Calling Steam Santa (Part 5 of 5) December 23, 2020 by Bookworm Hienrichs 1 Comment After supper, Mariah was allowed to stay up and open her gift bag at the kitchen table, while her parents watched.  There was the now-traditional piece of coal, symbolic of… (Continue reading...)
  • Calling Steam Santa (Part 4 of 5) December 22, 2020 by Bookworm Hienrichs No Comments The side of the steam sleigh folded out with a hiss of machinery, and other partitions shifted around, until two seats had been created - a large one for Steam… (Continue reading...)
  • Calling Steam Santa (Part 3 of 5) December 21, 2020 by Bookworm Hienrichs No Comments She stepped out from her sheltered place, feeling the wind nip at her face as she kept her eyes outward, still scanning for any signs of Steam Santa, taking only… (Continue reading...)
  • Calling Steam Santa (Part 2 of 5) December 20, 2020 by Bookworm Hienrichs No Comments Seven-year-old Mariah Lanfier had argued long and hard to convince her parents that she was old enough, and responsible enough, to participate in this year’s watch.  Finally, though, she had… (Continue reading...)
  • Calling Steam Santa (Part 1 of 5) December 19, 2020 by Bookworm Hienrichs No Comments ((Hey, all! This is the Christmas story that I meant to write for Tenk's call for Christmas stories last year, but didn't get going on it in time. This takes… (Continue reading...)
  • …and then things got spoopy. November 2, 2020 by Fauve Aeon No Comments The 2020 Halloween Night dance at Tomanah Hall was in the very stones were glowing! They do that from time to time, the old magic from Brigadoon never really… (Continue reading...)
  • Second Life Editing Services August 17, 2020 by Ceejay Writer No Comments I set up a page at my editing site for Second Life editing services, Lindens accepted as payment. Tell your friends, tell your nemesis. Happy to edit RP blog entries,… (Continue reading...)
  • Easter Carols April 12, 2020 by Candance No Comments It was an interesting morning, as the airship stayed in position above babbage, even up here she had found a few.. Eggs not sure how, but things had gotten interesting… (Continue reading...)
  • Steampunk Park February 10, 2020 by Toby Finchy de' Borel 1 Comment a.k.a. The best report I can write up about a place no one knows about…or a place with very carefully guarded secrets. I like the later explanation, but who knows?… (Continue reading...)

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