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8/20 – Withdrawl

Hurrying footsteps echoed ahead of Bookworm as she hurried through the asylum courtyard, and in at the front door. Dr. Thaddeus Solsen was there in the entrance hall. “Dr. Solsen–I got your note,” she said briefly. “How bad is it?”

Dr. Solsen, too, wasted no time. “Kuga is delirious, and suffering from a terrible fever. He mentioned something about his sister before passing out, but we believe that he is experiencing these symptoms from being without his chemicals for some time. It would be unwise to give him them again, of course.”

Bookworm nodded. “Might he be in mortal danger?”

“We are sending a blood sample to Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Sonnerstein to find out.”

“I see.” Her face fell, reflecting her discouragement. Dr. Solsen saw that, and added, “We hope to keep the patient alive. We are learning, though, considering the unique challenges in this particular situation.”

“Please do everything you can, Dr. Solsen. He’s our only link to his ‘brothers’ right now, and our only hope of getting some answers.” She added wryly, “Not to mention that if he dies, we’ll have the wrath of hell on us all.” Dr. Solsen frowned, his expression looking as grim as she felt. “Keep me informed, please.”

“Of course,” the doctor replied. “Good night, Captain.”

“Good night.” Bookworm poked her head out the door, looking around carefully, before venturing back out into the evening.

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