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19th cent artist that inspired Lovecraft

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  1. Enoch Harris Enoch Harris May 28, 2011

    A good artist, not really my thing, but The Fall of Satan has always grabbed me.

    And his painting of Andromeda… superb.

    Never really paid much attention to his more fantastic stuff, but I will now. Look forward to having a good browse later.

  2. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse May 28, 2011

    As soon as the picture came up I recognised the artist immediately. I’m very much a fan of Gustave Doré, even his biblical pieces.

    I’ve got a couple of images of his up in the shop in Palisades: a portrait of Baron Münchhausen and another of Little Red Riding Hood.

    I wasn’t aware he was an influence on Lovecraft though. Bonus points to Doré for that too.

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